A Fresh New Outlook

A Fresh New Outlook

Like it's been for many, 2020 has been a tough, grueling and eye-opening year for Ohlolly. Founded and owned by two Korean-American sisters, Ohlolly is our passion for skin care made available to you, our customer and friend.

We’re a small team of six people: two founders, one full-time warehouse magician + our talented part-time freelancers. We have our hands in all elements of running this business, from logistics and shipping to packing orders and taking Instagram photos, but we never want the busy-ness to distract us from the business of doing good and keeping a wide perspective. As we grow, we’re committed to making room for BIPOC hires and collaborations and to reflect diverse experiences and voices. We want Ohlolly to be known for its equality and kindness as much as its products and services.

Since day one, we’ve made it a point to give back financially to causes that resonate with us, and we want that list to grow. In solidarity with our belief that Black lives matter, we’ve become a monthly supporter of the California Black Women's Health Project. This is in addition to the behind-the-scenes work of our own unlearning, listening and processing what it means to truly be an ally.

This week, we’re specifically donating 10% of our profits to The Loveland Foundation, an organization assisting Black women and girls seeking therapy and mental health services.

We’re grateful to those who have spoken up and shared resources. Let’s keep encouraging ourselves and those around us to seek out more, support them and to keep going. A better world requires all of us to examine our past and the role we need to play in the future. Small steps are better than none. Justice and peace are always worth it, and we thank you for joining us in that process.

Ohlolly co-founders Sue, Herra and Team