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Meet Beta Glucan: The NEW anti-aging, hydrating superstar!

Meet Beta Glucan: The NEW anti-aging, hydrating superstar!

We love clean beauty. Skincare products filled with natural botanical goodness, minus all the nasties -- parabens, ethanol, petrochemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, etc. We also respect science. So when we first heard about JKosmmune, a clean beauty brand rooted in scientific research, that is making waves with their 3rd generation beta glucan, we immediately perked up.

The founders

JKosmmune was co-founded by Ann Son and her husband, Dr, Kang, who at the time was developing new pharmaceuticals for hospitals. In his work he became familiar with beta glucan derived from the schizophyllan mushroom, which he thought could be useful for dermatologic conditions. So in 2016 the two began a beta glucan research journey together.

But first, what is beta glucan?

Beta glucan is a derivative of certain foods, most commonly mushrooms, yeast and oats. While this ingredient may just now be garnishing buzz in the skincare world, it’s been clinically studied for the past 50 years at numerous hospitals and universities due to its healing and immune-boosting properties.

What does beta glucan do in skincare?

MOISTURIZER // First things first, beta glucan is an amazing moisturizer, that’s because beta glucan is a humectant (similar to hyaluronic acid) that not only locks in essential hydration, but also prevents moisture loss.

ANTI-AGER // Beta glucan is also a collagen booster. Plus on the skin, beta glucan molecules actually link together to form a thin and undetectable film which protects skin from environmental stressors that can lead to premature aging.

SKIN SOOTHER // Beta glucan, specifically the beta glucan used by JKosmmune, has quickly gained popularity due to its ability to significantly decrease skin redness and irritation.

3rd generation beta glucan

JKosmmune is the only cosmetic company in the US to use 3rd generation beta glucan. This is the beta glucan derived specifically from the schizophyllan mushrooms. During their research, Ann Son and Dr. Kang discovered that this kind of beta glucan had superior rejuvenation properties and can actually penetrate the epidermis. That means that all those moisturizing, anti-aging and skin soothing benefits can happen below the surface of the skin for better results.

All JKosmmune products are beta glucan potent, meaning beta glucan is the most important ingredient, period. Plus, JKosmmune’s patented method of extracting this beta glucan doesn’t rely on any chemical processing. This innovative new method ensures the absolute pureness of the ingredient. And it allows JKosmmune to produce beta glucan on a commercial level. In other words, for the first time ever, your skin can harness the powers of 3rd generation beta glucan.

JKosmmune Enzyme Cleansing Powder
A non-drying, low pH cleanser and exfoliator that causes zero tightness. Unique powder is travel-friendly and ideal for all skin types.

JKosmmune Toner 

An ultra-hydrating toner, plus an anytime mist whenever your skin needs a little nourishment.

JKosmmune Serum

Best-selling lightweight serum is made of 97% beta glucan for visibly healthier and glowing skin.

 JKosmmune Lotion
A powerful beta glucan moisturizer for every skin type. Available in two formulas -- dry and sensitive & normal to oily.

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