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Real Review: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers

Real Review: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers

Despite my years working in skincare, I have struggled to find a moisturizer that I love. I own at least five different cleansers that I can’t live without (here’s my current favorite), plus multiple toners and treatments that I rotate between, depending on my skin’s mood. But I’ve yet to find my holy grail moisturizer--that one that I can consistently count on when my skin is in need of some serious hydration. 

Two products, Four weeks

So when Kosmetic Immunity revamped their moisturizers, I was super intrigued to test. I adore this brand and their streamlined collection of potent and effective products. Their Toner never fails to nourish my skin, their Serum is a best-seller for good reason and I could write a love letter about their Cleansing Powder

Kosmetic Immunity’s moisturizers come in two different formulas -- the Kosmetic Immunity Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturizer, aimed at combo to oily skin, and the Kosmetic Immunity Ceramide Protective Cream, aimed at drier and mature skin. Currently my skin is feeling pretty normal, although it tends to get oily and dehydrated without proper care. In order to test both, I decide to use the lighter skin-defense moisturizer in the AM, and the heavier protective cream in the PM everyday for four weeks. Here’s what happened.

Ohlolly Blog: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers Review 1

Week 1

Immediately I adore the consistency and feeling of the Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturizer. It glides on effortlessly and instantly melts into my skin. It definitely feels more like a gel but miraculously leaves zero stickiness.The Ceramide Protective Cream is more like a classic moisturizer -- super creamy and luxurious. I normally don’t use heavier moisturizers, so I’m curious how my skin will react in the coming weeks.

While the textures of these two moisturizers are completely different, both are pumped with pure ingredients, including the superstar ingredient of all Kosemitc Immunity products - beta glucan. If you’re new to beta glucan, welcome, and read this to learn more about the healing powers of this magic ingredient. The cliff notes version is that Kosmetic Immunity’s beta glucan penetrates the skin’s epidermis delivering hydrating and rejuvenating benefits to below the surface of the skin.

Ohlolly Blog: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers Review 3Also worth noting is the new packaging, which got a major upgrade from the previous lotions. Both moisturizers now come in super convenient and hygienic pumps, which makes it easy to get the precise amount of product needed. So far so good. 

Week 2 

My skin is really loving and absorbing all this hydration. Even though my skin isn’t especially dry, I don’t think I realized how much my skin still needs and craves moisture. I tend to skip the moisturizing step in my routine when I’m feeling lazy, but since consistently using a moisturizer morning and night, my skin feels softer than it has in years. I actually can’t stop touching my face during the day, which I know is a bad habit, but it is just so supple, especially in the morning after using the cream in the evening. Perhaps it’s due to the added grape seed oil and shea butter and of course ceramide, which helps prevent moisture loss during the night.

Ohlolly Blog: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers Review 4

Week 3 

It’s been three weeks since using the Kosmetic Immunity moisturizers and my skincare routine has become much simpler and more streamlined. Essentially because my skin is feeling incredibly plump and hydrated I find myself using less products. In the morning I splash some water on my skin, spritz on a rosewater toner and then apply the Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturizer. Next it’s sunscreen and done.

And thanks to aloe barbadensis leaf extract and centella asiatica extract in my morning moisturizer, my skin is also less red than normal. I’ve been skipping my typical BB cream and going bare-skinned instead, which feels so nice, especially during these hot summer months. 

Ohlolly Blog: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers Review 5At night it’s a double-cleanse, another few spritz of toner, a treatment, and then the cream. On days when I feel like I don’t need both a hydrating treatment, like a serum, and the cream, I simply mix a couple drops of my serum into the cream. But because the cream is so gentle and formulated for sensitive skin, it’s ideal for protecting my skin after exfoliating or using any sort of acid. 

Week 4

I finally found my first holy grail moisturizer and Kosmetic Immunity’s Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturizer takes the prize. The Kosmetic Immunity Ceramide Protective Cream is another winner, although just not for my skin right now. It’s slightly too heavy and moisturizing for my daily needs. However, if you’re struggling with dry, sensitive skin that’s prone to moisture-loss, definitely give this cream a try. 

Ohlolly Blog: Kosmetic Immunity Moisturizers Review 2But after a month of consistent use, I still find myself reaching for the Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturizer on a daily basis. My skin feels softer, supple, less irritated, and yes, actually more luminous. My skincare routine has been simplified. And at the end of the day, my skin is still happy and hydrated. What more could I ask for?

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Reviewed by Kait @thefairfinch