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Let's Talk Anti-Aging - Fanserviced

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Thank you for joining us for our anti-aging series! All month long we released new blogs and IG posts (Dermatologram and Ohmyglossblog) featuring expert anti-aging advice from skincare enthusiasts. Missed it? Don’t worry,  here’s the anti-aging blogs from Lab Muffin, Graceful Face and PDX BeautifulIn them they share crucial tips, favorite ingredients, plus their holy-grail products to keep skin looking young and healthy! And now our final post of the series:

Featuring Tracy, aka Fanserviced

Tracy is a self-described “beauty omnivore.” She writes about skincare, makeup, related news and much more on her blog, and on IG @fanserviced.

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I started to see the first signs of aging in my early 30s, before finding my way to Korean skincare. I really thought I was headed toward Botox soon! But prescription acne medication and very dedicated use of sunscreen truly rolled back the clock for my skin, and I actually have younger looking skin now than a few years ago. A retinoid plus a great sunscreen that I love wearing are truly the firepower in my routine.

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If you're not hooked on sunscreen, you're not truly committed to the anti-aging life.

I see even recognized experts go soft on the need for daily sunscreen and my eyes nearly drop out of my head; nothing could be more important in your routine, especially with skin cancer rates on the rise.


Ohlolly Suggests Missha Essence Sun Milk or Huxley Stay Sun Safe Sun Cream

Sunscreen is a WONDERFUL, skin-changing invention. It can even UNDO aging, just by giving your skin time off from constant damage so it can repair itself! Lab Muffin is a great person to follow for sunscreen research and facts.

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Masksessences and serums are fun and keep my skin juicy...they balance out any dryness from retinoids.

My goal is to acquire some friendly laugh lines over time, but keep creases caused by sun and stress at bay for as long as possible. Aging isn't something I particularly fear, but I want the signs of it to reflect a good and happy life.

Love that. Thank you for sharing, Tracy!

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