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Let's Talk Anti-Aging – Lab Muffin

Ohlolly Anti-aging Series - Lab Muffin

Welcome to anti-aging awareness month at OhlollyEvery week in October we are releasing a new blog featuring expert anti-aging advice from skincare enthusiasts. Their unanimous anti-aging tip? You guessed itsunscreen. In addition to daily sun protection, these skincare enthusiasts are sharing some crucial anti-aging advice, their go-to anti-aging ingredients, plus their holy grail products to keep skin young and healthy. Ready?

Featuring Michelle, aka Lab Muffin

Michelle holds a phD in Chemistry and writes about the science behind beauty and skincare products. We love her. You can find her on IG @labmuffinbeautyscience or at

Ohlolly Anti Aging Series Michelle Lab Muffin

As my skin has matured, the biggest change is my skin has gotten more dehydration-prone and sensitive. My skin gets drier during the day and fine lines get more obvious. I've been very diligent with daily sunscreen, so I haven't really seen much change in terms of pigmentation, if anything it's faded.

If you aren't already wearing sunscreen daily, you really should! UV damage is the main cause of aging skin.

Ohlolly Favorites:

Etude House Sunprise (100% physical) Sun Milk
Missha Essence Sun Milk
Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream
More Sunscreens: SPF

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My favourite anti-aging ingredients are the newer photo-stable sunscreens like Tinosorb S, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C. I've also been using more hydrating toners to hide fine lines.

Ohlolly Favorites:

Cosrx AHA
Goodal Vita C
Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Expensive products aren't necessarily better, and if you can, talk to a doctor about tretinoin (a vitamin A derivative that's the gold standard for anti-aging). It’s the ingredient with the most evidence behind its anti-aging effects. 

Michelle Lab Muffin

Hydration is also a quick and easy way to soften wrinkles. 

But, don't stress too much about wrinkles - a lot of them only you can see! I also like to think that wrinkles are evidence that you'd lived a good life. Grab a good cream with lots of moisturising ingredients and a little sparkle, and the difference will be huge.

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Thank you Michelle at Lab Muffin dot com

Thank YOU for sharing Michelle!

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