Kicho Bubble Pore Brush - OHLOLLY - 1
Kicho Bubble Pore Brush - OHLOLLY - 1
Kicho Bubble Pore Brush - OHLOLLY - 2

Kicho Bubble Pore Brush

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Restore your skin’s vitality with this luxurious, must-have cleansing brush. Kicho's Bubble Pore Brush easily and effectively removes dirt and dead skin while boosting circulation to increase blood flow to the cells. Made with ultra-soft premium synthetic hairs that are gentle enough for sensitive skin and a magnetic base for convenient storage. 

TO USE: Thoroughly wet face and the kicho bubble pore brush with water. Apply kicho foaming cleanser, or other face cleanser, to the bubble pore brush. Gently brush face with small circular motions. Thoroughly rinse face with clean water, then pat dry.

The philosophy of Kicho is to wholeheartedly embrace the order of nature. Kicho is dedicated to bringing back the basics of skincare, combining ancient arts with modern research. Kicho works in unity with the skin, respecting the skin’s essentials, by avoiding harsh chemicals and using natural ingredients, like sprouts, minerals, and plant placenta.

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