7 Skincare Habits to Break Now

7 Skincare Habits to Break Now

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Great skincare is a long game—it doesn’t happen overnight, but little steps are made (nightly!) to get and keep your skin at its most radiant state. Today, we are uncovering some of our top small but powerful habits that can make a world of difference with your skin. 

You do not need to focus on all seven immediately, so take heart. Use this as a checklist. If your skincare has stalled, then it might be time to stop these.

1. Touching your face.

Yes, you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s a great reminder—especially since one study* revealed that we can touch our face, on average, over 20 times an hour. Especially during winter months when skin is drier, more prone to cracks and irritations, think about what your hands touch during the day and then how easy it is for dirt or pimple-causing bacteria to transfer into your skin through those cracks. (Not to mention, this is also an easy way to avoid cold and flu-causing germs.)

Don’t forget to load up on a nourishing hand cream if you’re washing your hands a lot, too.

2. Not changing your moisturizer.

Creams and moisturizers are a helpful top layer that should keep hydration within the skin, while still allowing some airflow. Skin fluctuates with each season, so rather than overhauling your entire routine, if you find your skin is getting tighter throughout the day, it could be time to switch to one with a richer, long-lasting texture. If you’re feeling too slick or noticing more breakouts in your U-zone or on the forehead, try using a gel cream for a few weeks instead.


3. Using strong actives everyday.

It can be frustrating when skin troubles seemingly won’t go away, and even more tempting to launch every high powered product (actives, such as retinol, acids, scrubs) at your skin in hopes something will finally work. This is a reminder to let your skin rest, too. Too many products can excite problems instead of making them better. So if you’re really frustrated, it might be time to schedule a facial or an appointment with a dermatologist to get expert advice tailored specifically to your concerns.

4. Not getting enough water.

Inside and out. While drinking water throughout the day is good for your skin, so is washing and rinsing your face with water—several times, if you need. Hydration is that coveted source of plumpness, dewiness, and a natural glow. It also doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Something as simple as rinsing your face with lukewarm water and patting it until dry with your wet hands (instead of scrubbing with a dry cloth) can help your skin retain more water.3A0CD129-9BAF-4E9C-BD3D-4390E1B38E90-22e36064e0cf4221b0e51fa31d86be75.jpeg

5. Using old products. 

Strange things can lurk in the back of the best skincare cabinets. If you’re changing up your products frequently, remember to check best by and expiration dates to ensure your products are still active and don’t have any discoloration or changes in texture. This is especially important if you use a lot of natural products. We like to do a good deep clean twice a year, once in spring and once in fall.

6. Avoiding the bigger picture. 

It’s not only the products that you use on your face that contribute to healthy skin. Let this be the year you look at your skin from many layers, including diet, sleep habits, stress levels, exercise, and more. Skin can be a helpful barometer for the interconnected factors of life. So the next time a “problem” erupts, let it be a clue to examine what and how it may have occurred, and what other steps (besides a calming face mask) you could take to remedy it.

7. Critiquing your skin.

Our skin is the biggest organ and works hard, constantly, to protect and provide for us. Mindset is everything, so instead of looking at your skin like it’s a battle—against wrinkles, pimples, dark spots, etc.—this year, try out thanking your skin before you begin your routine. Even this small act, when done with love, has the power to shift how we see ourselves in the mirror. Gratitude looks great on everyone. 

Have more skincare thoughts or questions? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to hello@ohlolly.com at any time. We’re here!