REVIEW: Kicho's CC Cream

REVIEW: Kicho's CC Cream

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You know that feeling of putting on your favorite jeans--those jeans that instantly boost your confidence? Well that's the same feeling I get while wearing Kicho's CC Cream. I've never been one to daily wear face makeup, that is until I discovered this cream. Before my normal go-to was tinted moisturizer, but after a couple hours the coverage basically wore off. And while foundation can grant great coverage, I just don't have the patience for all that blending every day. 

Hello Kicho's CC Cream! 

The first thing that impressed me about this cream is the packaging, which is beautiful and white. Nothing glittery or cutesy here--just sophisticated and clean. After squeezing a little of the cream onto my fingers, I noticed the smell--light and pleasant--and the texture, which is soft and pliable, not runny or messy. 

However, I was concerned about the color. This CC cream only comes in one shade, a neutral tan color. I have fair skin and I was worried the color would be too dark. But magically the cream instantly matched my skin tone, giving me a matte finish. Even more magical, the cream also worked its wonders for my friends! One friend has a medium-beige skin tone and another who has olive skin. All on three of us the CC cream blended easily and provided a beauty boost. 

Unlike foundation, you don't have to worry about perfectly blending this cream into your skin. (Confession--I've actually put it on without a mirror before, more than once.) This CC cream provides just enough coverage for everyday--eliminating redness and blotchiness, but it's light enough that your natural skin shines through. It's basically your skin, only better--more even and soft. And it lasts for hours, seriously. 

The company,Kicho, is a boutique brand in Korea and is just making its debut in the U.S. All their ingredients avoid harsh chemicals and use natural ingredients, so I feel confident using it on my sensitive skin everyday. And for an added bonus the cream contains 30 SPF to help protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

 I've been using Kicho's CC Cream almost daily for two months, and like that favorite pair of jeans, this cream has yet to disappoint me.

Review by Kait / Editor & Producer