Beyond the Beauty - Gloria Lim

Beyond the Beauty - Gloria Lim

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The skincare community is vast and complex because people are vast and complex! Ohlolly talks with some of our favorite skincare enthusiasts, beauty influencers and boss women about the ins, outs, ups and downs in the beauty industry. We discuss their skincare journeys, what it means to be a skin/self-care forward, busy human, and of course, beauty tips and tricks.

Today we talk to Gloria Lim. Gloria is a private and freelance chef in the Los Angeles area. She focuses on developing community through food & food art and explores the interaction between food, health, self-care, and creativity. Hi Gloria!

Beyond the Beauty: Gloria Lim

Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get into your field?

Hi my name is Gloria and I am a chef/baker currently residing in Los Angeles! I have always had a love for the kitchen – it’s my place to escape and let my mind create. I grew up with eyes glued to the food network channel (which taught me various flavor/ingredient combinations and allowed room for my own creative concoctions). Since then I've worked a multitude of jobs within food: fine dining, local cafes/bakeries, commercial and private catering, food styling… even being involved in building/carrying out a couple small business ideas. I’ve cooked/baked for friends, the community, celebrities, and people with the strangest dietary restrictions. 

Beyond the Beauty: Gloria Lim

What do you like about working in the food industry? 

Obviously I love to eat, but food is so much more to me than just the flavor bombs and nutritional value. I think what food is able to create; this harmonious dance within a community of chefs, farmers, and their guests through a meal is something so neat to me. I think food can be digested not only through the mouth – it is truly exciting to watch how one dish can ignite body sensations and lead someone down a journey. There is always something to learn, create, and share within the world of food!

Tell us about being a private chef. What inspired you to get into this (versus a more traditional food industry job)? 

As I previously mentioned, I've worked various jobs within the food world and even though I am still trying to find the best way to express my culinary gift/passion, I have found private events/ pop-ups are my more desired avenue. Although the chaos and teamwork mindset of a kitchen is also pretty exciting (at least for a small bit of time haha), getting to directly connect with your customers as well as having the freedom to create and the flexibility to work is something that I value. I am always thinking of different flavor combinations and I like the challenge of constantly “creating”, so to be able to develop changing menus is exciting! My goal is to be able to do pop-up dinner parties full-time (so if you’re in the LA area, stay tuned!). 

Beyond the Beauty: Gloria Lim

Do you see social media or an online presence as important for your career? How has social media impacted your career over the years (for better or worse)? 

The world today seems like it has been so taken over by social media that it almost feels like I have to use it. Especially within the last couple of years, everything is about branding and building a media presence. To be quite honest, that is the most intimidating thing about starting/building a business to me. Which is most likely why I have procrastinated/slacked with my social media presence! But I do see the benefits that it has, so I am hoping to dive into that scene soon; or at least connect with other creatives who know what they are doing online! 

What (if anything) was your introduction into Korean skincare? Do you have any K-beauty favorites? 

My housemate works in skincare, so I was actually introduced to K-beauty through her. Before living with her, I just washed my face with water and then maybe put some vitamin E oil from Trader Joe’s on if it felt a bit dry. But now that I’ve started a routine, I’ve felt a difference in my skin, and honestly my confidence! My favorite products Ohlolly offers are the Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam, and the Missha Essence Sun Milk.

Beyond the Beauty: Gloria Lim

What do you look for in a good skin care product?

Exfoliation and hydration!

Do you have any too-good-not-to-share skincare hacks (could be for travel, daily routine, anything…)? 

I would say the top thing that I have adopted in my routine is sunscreen! I never applied sunscreen before unless I was going to the beach, but it is so beneficial in daily use!

Missha Essence Sun Milk

And, we have to ask, do you have any too-good-not-to-share food hacks? 

Always salt!! Seriously, it takes a dish or dessert to the next level and is sooo important. Also if available, it's always more exciting to see pops of color, so garnish your dishes with an herb, flower, or a sprinkle of sesame seeds!

Beyond the Beauty: Gloria Lim

How have you been taking care of yourself these past few months? What does your ideal day of self-care look like? 

Recently I have been really into doing face masks! There are so many kinds out there and depending on what I am specifically needing that day/week I’ll just quickly mix a paste up or lay a sheet mask on. There’s something about taking the time to slow down and pamper yourself that adds a nice recharge to your day/night!

Thanks for chatting Gloria! Headed to the store right now for some garnishes – you’ve inspired us! :)

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