Clean up your skincare routine, without breaking the bank.

Clean up your skincare routine, without breaking the bank.


Ohlolly Introduces: WONDER by HaruHaru

Ohlolly’s newest clean K-beauty curation has the whole team in awe. It includes an uber-gentle exfoliating gel, an amazingly lightweight oil, three powerful anti-aging treatments, a super-fine mist, plus the biggest bottle of toner we’ve ever carried. Oh, and everything is surprisingly affordable. 

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And while the generous sizing and impressive pricing are compelling, what really has us coming back for more is the effective formulas, thanks to an intriguing star ingredient and innovative technology. Meet the aptly-named WONDER line by HaruHaru.

About WONDER by HaruHaru

HaruHaru believes in creating honest and reliable skincare solutions for everyday. Their products are free of animal-derived ingredients, 7 types of parabens and 11 other harmful substances commonly found in cosmetics. Instead, their beautiful and effective formulas are sourced by nature. In fact, every single product in HaruHaru’s WONDER line contains at least 95% naturally-derived ingredients, some even more.

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So what are these natural ingredients? Hyaluronic acid, lavender oil, beta glucan, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera leaf extract, and betaine all make star appearances, but the real winner is fermented black rice.

What is black rice?

Once called “forbidden rice” in China, black rice is an ancient grain that was enjoyed exclusively as a delicacy for the wealthy and royals. Thankfully those days are gone and people worldwide can now harness the benefits of black rice in their diets, and also in their skincare.

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This antioxidant-rich ingredient stars in many of the HaruHaru WONDER products. Black rice is packed with polyphenols and flavonoids, which protect skin against free radicals, like ultraviolet radiation and pollution, while also promoting skin cell regeneration. HaruHaru’s patented technology U.D.T. ensures all of the skin-benefiting properties of black rice permeate deep into skin. Combine this with hydrating hyaluronic acid and you’ve got an age-defying powerhouse.

An anti-aging line for ALL

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Possibly the number one thing we love about the WONDER line is the lightweight versatility of all the products. Our testing team consists of women from ages 20’s - 40’s of very different skin types and every single person fell in love with this line. So whether you’re just beginning an anti-aging routine, or searching for clean beauty alternatives for your current skincare wardrobe, the WONDER line is for you. Here’s the products we recommend per age.

20’s - Toner, Hyaluronic SerumCream
30’s - TonerHyaluronic SerumEssence (optional), Facial Oil
40’s - TonerHyaluronic Serum, EssenceCream (optional), Facial Oil

Remember, these routines are just recommendations and you should always take cues from skin. While these products are packed with age-defying ingredients, their incredibly lightweight texture makes them suitable for all ages and skin types. This lightweight quality actually allows you to build your perfect level of hydration with layering.

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We cannot wait for you to try WONDER by HaruHaru. Enter to win the enter 7-piece set here. And if you have any questions, shoot us an email at