How Kosmetic Immunity Turns Back the Clock

How Kosmetic Immunity Turns Back the Clock

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Five products, fantastic results. We’ve loved Kosmetic Immunity for a long time (previously known as JKosmmune) due to its potent formulations that are lightweight and work superbly. They streamline what it means to take care of your skin, using only the purest ingredients backed by research and repairing it on every level -- a nourishment you can feel.

But in case you have yet to try it, or need some extra convincing yourself, below we want to share why this brand goes beyond the hype and is an excellent investment for your skin.

It makes it easy to stay hydrated.

Do you want to know the secret to youthful skin? Hydration! A plump, dewy, moisture-rich skin barrier is one of the hallmarks of youth. When skin stops retaining moisture, which happens for many different reasons as we age, it can start to sag, thin, and wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear.


Kosmetic Immunity has hydration at the core of its routine.

Not only does it use mBeta glucan as its star ingredient (more on that in a minute), but it’s an ingredient known to be 20% more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, a gold standard of moisturized skin. Every Kosmetic Immunity product is geared toward repairing, replenishing and locking hydration deep within the skin’s barrier to keep it supple. This includes its non-drying powder cleanser all the way to its ceramide and peptide-infused Protection Cream.

You also can’t beat the Nourishing Refining Toner that is a literal skin-saver on hot or dry days. It’s instant refreshment that never feels too heavy or greasy, just like the entire Kosmetic Immunity line.

mBeta Glucan Magic

As mentioned, Kosmetic Immunity uses a next-generation iteration of mBeta glucan for all of its products. Beta glucan, often derived from yeast or oats, has long been heralded in the skincare community for its benefits, including how it can boost immunity and, in some cases, even be used in cancer therapies. Beta glucan also penetrates both the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin, making it very effective at repairing dry, damaged skin from the inside out.

However, not all beta glucan is created equal. Kosmetic Immunity uses a novel kind of mBeta Glucan derived from the Schizophyllan mushroom in a pure and highly-concentrated form. Whereas other skincare companies can sometimes use less than 1% beta glucan in its products (due to its expense), Kosmetic Immunity has formulas that contain over 90% pure mBeta glucan. This concentration makes a world of difference when it comes to seeing real results, in real time.

Additionally, mBeta glucan helps balance the skin, soothing any irritation or redness. It fights the loss of elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s also clinically-proven to boost collagen production and skin firmness by up to 20%.

Protection, Protection, Protection

Finally, after all of that work to heal and restore the skin deep down, Kosmetic Immunity also reinforces the skin’s ability to protect itself from the outside first. This is important, considering that so many environmental stressors (or other agitators) can cause the skin to flare up with inflammation or breakouts. A robust immune response is a must.

It’s the unique folding pattern of the mushroom-derived mBeta glucan that’s been scientifically shown to activate a more powerful immune response than other derivatives of beta glucan, and masterfully help it to strengthen and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. The end result isn’t just safer skin, but skin that’s been rejuvenated to look and feel healthier, more hydrated, firm and luminous.

Ready to try it for yourself? A great place to start with Kosmetic Immunity is with the Beta Glucan Recovery Serum. It’s a lightweight, nourishing serum that’s beneficial for all skin types and helpful for streamlining your anti-aging routine, especially if you don’t want to be bogged down by a lot of products.

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