How Sioris Came to Be: An Interview with CEO Isaac Han

How Sioris Came to Be: An Interview with CEO Isaac Han

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Like many of you, we’re always on the hunt for clean skincare products that also go the distance with results. Sioris has long been one of our go-to brands for exactly that reason.

We love how intentional they are with sourcing natural ingredients (like organic yuja fruit or green plum) at the peak of freshness, and it’s clear such emphasis makes a visible difference with results. We see that glowing skin in the mirror!

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We recently had the chance to ask Isaac Han, CEO of Sioris, for a behind-the-scenes scoop on what it takes to bring a "clean beauty" brand to life. Below, he shares with us his advice, creative process, and what Sioris products to watch out for next. We hope you enjoy!


Ohlolly: How did you get into the cosmetic world originally?

Isaac: I studied in Vancouver, Canada and majored in graphic design. When I went back to Korea, the very first job I had was at a cosmetics company. I've been in the beauty industry ever since, for about 10 years now because it suits me well.

Why the name Sioris?

Sioris comes from SIMPLE and ORIGINAL, meaning nature's nourishment is simply bottled.

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What's your method of finding the perfect formula?

Over the past 10 years, I’ve experienced a variety of organic skincare products from all around the world. I combine that with customer feedback on products and ingredients.

I start with ingredients that are known and verified by existing customers, then select new ingredients that are perfect for the specific purpose of a product. That formula is then tested and tested again with the help of our staff and testing panels before a product is finalized.

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We love how interactive you are with your customers. Can you share any helpful customer feedback/interaction stories?

Developing products non-stop, sometimes I find myself feeling not creative at all. I once posted a question on my personal Instagram, asking what products and ingredients people would want to see Sioris make. I received lots of interesting responses, and now we're working on a few ideas from that very post. Keep a lookout for new products soon!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s intimidated by the skincare world?

If you have the interest in skincare and are willing to put in the effort, you do not need to be afraid or be intimidated. I'd also advise that you try different things and gain as much experience as possible. Cosmetics is not only related to chemistry, but manufacturing, design, art, literature and even agriculture. Read, travel and use lots of skincare products. It will all help you down the line.

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With all of this company growth, do you have any free time? What do you do to stay sane as a company founder?

I believe separating work and life is important. When I first started Sioris, it was hard to distinguish between the two, but now I try to keep set business hours and either workout or spend time with friends after hours. I also like to unwind at a cafe reading books on weekends. Reading lets me experience many things when first-hand experience is impractical.

What does “clean beauty” look like to you?

While organic cosmetics have clear standards for certification, the “clean beauty” concept is vague with no standards established. In Korea, many brands use the ratings of the EWG from the United States as a benchmark. However, not all ingredients that fall under the EWG hazard score of 1-3 can be declared “clean.”

Sioris does not use harmful or toxic ingredients, nor controversial ingredients. Controversial ingredients are ones that are being debated for potential toxicity, as not all parties agree -- mainly phenoxyethanol, PEG-, PPG- and dimethicone, etc.

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Let's talk about your approach to sustainability. What does it take to make products that are both good for the environment and customer-friendly?

The cosmetic products used on our skin are eventually washed off into the ocean. Some are filtered and processed, but that’s where most end up. Recently, certain sunscreen ingredients are now prohibited in Hawaii due to marine life contamination. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep cosmetic ingredients environmentally safe. Sioris uses ingredients that are primarily derived from nature, and we're committed to using only synthetic ingredients that are safe for our skin and the environment.

Sioris Bring The Light Sheet Mask

Glass is safe, but it's heavy and also prone to break; we use PET or PP plastics that can be recycled. We're also reviewing the possibility of using packaging made from recycled plastics that are clean and safe. Last year, we introduced a sheet mask with an eco-friendly 2-ply paper outer packaging. Unlike many sheet masks’ traditional aluminum-based vinyl pouch, this outer pouch can be sorted as paper waste.

Eco-friendly materials can cause an increase in cost, however, that cost is to protect nature and the earth in order for us to live healthily.

What can we look forward to Sioris launching next?

Our first launch in the new year will most likely be a face oil. Since there are many great face oils on the market, we’re working to develop a standout product that’s different and Sioris' own. We're also looking at hair products, including shampoo. 

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Discover all of Sioris products HERE. We recommend starting with their mist, cleansing milk and night cream, which are customer favorites.

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