In Conversation: How We Built Ohlolly

In Conversation: How We Built Ohlolly

After four years of Ohlolly, there’s so much to be grateful for. We’ve also learned more than we ever thought possible, and wanted to share a peek into our process. Watch below as we reflect on building a business that we love.

But first, THANK YOU for walking the skincare journey with us. We can't do any of this without your support for Ohlolly.


What do you wish you knew before starting your business? And would that have changed anything?

Sue: I expected running an online shop to be difficult at times, but I didn’t realize the enormity of all the challenges and hardship. In a way, I’m glad I didn’t realize all this at first, since I really enjoy running Ohlolly.

Herra: Actually, I had no idea how FUN working with Sue and running Ohlolly together would be. Had I known this, I would have started sooner.

Why do you love K-Beauty?

Sue: Honestly, it’s just so enjoyable! There’s always something new and exciting happening in K-beauty. And at the end of the day, you want to see results and results you’ll see! Also, I'm learning a ton about skincare ingredients, formulas, and new skincare movements etc., which are all so very interesting.

Ohlolly Founders Seoul 2019

Herra: There’s not much that I don’t love about K-beauty. So many of the products are second to none, and the people are amazing to work with. We really enjoy our travels to Seoul, too.

What is the dynamic like working as sisters?

Sue: I can’t imagine a better job. Herra and I have a lot of laughs together. We rely on and trust each other a great deal. I’m grateful to have such a business partner and sister.

Herra: I think it’s a real time saver. Because we know each other so well, we’re able to be very efficient. Plus, it’s really a lot of fun working with Sue.

What has been a “mistake” in your business that eventually became a learning experience?

Sue & Herra: Umm, where do I begin?! I feel like almost everything we do we make a mistake the first time we do it. HAHA.

Ohlolly Founders Seoul K-beauty Expo

What are you most proud of with Ohlolly?

Sue: I love that Ohlolly helps people, starting with me--I’ve never been happier with my job. Because of Ohlolly, I get to meet and build wonderful bonds and friendships with the people that I never would have met otherwise. This includes our team, our vendors, our influencer partners and more. Ohlolly also provides work for our team, the brands that we curate and last but not least, the customers who shop with us. They send us feedback saying how much they’ve enjoy shopping with us and that the products we curate help their skin. These are all serious wins.

What is your vision for Ohlolly in the year ahead?

Herra: This year, we would like

  1. To let more people in on Ohlolly. Ohlolly offers great value & shopping experience along with excellent customer service.
  2. To upgrade Ohlolly's rewards program to offer more ways to earn and redeem points.
  3. To continue to build our team. Our current team is small, but mighty. With added resources, we know we can be more creative, effective and efficient, and ultimately bring better value to our customers.

Sue: We have big dreams and plans. We can't wait to share more soon.

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