Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey: Katie

Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey: Katie

Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey - Katie

“The products are fun, innovative, beautiful, pure, fresh and so exciting. I'm converted for life!”

Katie lives in Los Angeles but she’s originally from England. We have a massive crush on Katie. She’s down-to-earth-cool, has a ridiculously charming accent, and is a huge Ohlolly fan. Since Ohlolly’s launch, Katie has been one of our biggest supporters, always ready to try our newest curations, and crediting Ohlolly for her youthful glow. So we asked Katie to share more about her Korean skincare journey, from a K-beauty virgin to converted for life.

OHLOLLY:  What are your main skin concerns?  
KATIE:  I don't really have concerns about my skin, I'm lucky that it's pretty well-behaved. I guess I just want to look after it as best I can.

Previously, what was your typical skincare routine?
Cleanse and (sometimes) moisturize. That's it!

Have you used any K-beauty products before finding out about Ohlolly? What first attracted you to K-beauty?
I was a K-beauty virgin but was so excited to hear about K-beauty from Sue. You could say that my guilty pleasure is skincare and makeup. Trying new products is my hobby so when Sue told me about Ohlolly I was onboard immediately!

Ohlolly K-beauty Journey Katie Cosrx Snail MucinThe Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence. This essence was what started it all!

You started shopping with us as soon as we opened last year. And you still shop with us. THANK YOU. What keeps you returning to Korean skincare?
I love the innovation with K-beauty. The technology seems so advanced, exciting and interesting to me. I love trying new products and Ohlolly always has something new for me to try. It's a win win in my books!

Initially, was there a step or product that you found confusing?
I bought Pyungkang Yul in February and procrastinated over using it for the longest time! I think because all the instructions were in Korean but also because the products (like all K-beauty products) should be patted into the skin, it just put me off. I thought they'd take ages to absorb but they didn't at all. I just used them this week and they are beautiful, absorb really quickly and I can't wait to see how my skin reacts to them. Plus the jars look so good in my bathroom. The blue is so beautiful!

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in your skin since starting your K-beauty journey?
I get compliments all the time about my skin and how youthful I look. I always compliment Ohlolly and say that the products I use definitely help with this. I feel like they make my skin smoother and definitely have reduced the fine lines starting to creep in around my eyes.

Ohlolly K-beauty Journey Katie Hemish Glow BaseKatie points out the subtle shimmer and scent of the Heimish Glow Base.

Do you have any favorite Ohlolly product(s)?
Errr, all of them! Ha ha, my husband keeps rolling his eyes as the products take over our bathroom. I love the
Artless Glow Base by Heimish, I love Goodal Moisture Barrier in the winter to really protect my skin, I LOVE Benton Honest TT Mist to keep in my bag and spray my skin throughout the day if I feel like it needs refreshing. Kicho Ultra Moisturising Sun Cream is wonderful to wear. It doesn't feel thick or cakey and doesn't bother my eyes. I could go on and on!

Would you tell us your current skincare routine?
I cleanse, then spritz a toner on my skin whilst still wet, then before the toner has totally dried I use an essence (currently Cosrx Snail Mucin
 which I LOVE), then complete the routine with my daily moisturizer and then some spf. The only difference in the evening is that I now use the Pyungkang Yul Gel after my moisturizer to give me some extra moisture through the night. I love how it makes my skin feel in the morning. It feels plump, so soft and revitalized. I can't wait to continue to use this product and see the results long term.

Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey Katie - Converted for life!

Do you have any advice for those on the fence about starting a Korean skincare routine?
Stop thinking about it and get onboard! Just look at how beautiful Korean women's skin is, treat yourself, add those few extra steps into your beauty routine and you'll be thanking yourself soon enough. The products are fun, innovative, beautiful, pure, fresh and so exciting! I'm converted for life!

How would you describe your skin now?
My skin just looks plumper, fresher, clearer and less dull. I'm very happy with it!

Ready to follow Katie’s advice and get onboard? Our Korean Skincare Routine Kits for all skin types are the perfect place to start. If you have any questions, email us at hello@ohlolly.com and we’ll be happy to help!