Products We're Using Right Now

Products We're Using Right Now

With any new season comes the reminder to change things up -- especially when it comes to skincare! With the day, the month, the weather… our skin is constantly in flux. If you’re looking for inspiration as to what new products may be right for you, the Ohlolly team is sharing what we’re currently using (and loving) right now.


Skin type: Dry

Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Essence

  • Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Essence - I couldn’t wait to test this product because of the name ‘Kombucha’ and the bi-phase appearance.  This is GOOD! It's SO GOOD. Milky, creamy and wonderfully hydrating. My skin loves this. 

  • Neogen Day-Light Protection Sunscreen - This glides onto the skin and perfectly balances hydration with sun protection. This also never pills on me--it’s perfect over and under anything. If you loved the Cosrx Aloe Sunscreen, you’ll enjoy this. 
  • Urang S.O.S Multibalm - The perfect thing to have on hand for anything. This is always with me, treating dry cuticles to rough patches, bug bites, burns, you name it. It’s so nourishing and lasts a really long time. Great for streamlining your skincare cabinet!

Sioris Enriched By Nature Cream

  • Sioris Enriched By Nature Cream - This is great for dry skin. Certified organic, filled with vitamins and a special brightening complex to boost your complexion, it has everything you want in a cream. The texture is rich without being heavy, and the barely-there (natural) fragrance is lovely. Great for winding down in the evening. 


Skin type: Dry and Dehydrated

Urang Yuja Vita Ampoule
  • Urang Yuja Vita Ampoule - This is my sunshine in a bottle. I love the creamy consistency and how well it hydrates and brightens my skin. I only need a drop or two on each cheekbone and it's enough to pat into my entire face. The citrus scent is wonderful, not overpowering (and I'm very sensitive to scent) and I just love the bouncy, dewy appearance this gives while also knowing it's full of safe, natural ingredients.

  • Cosrx AHA Liquid - I always forget what game-changers acids are for the skin. I wanted something gentle but still effective at brightening and clearing up some congested pores, and this does the trick. I use it twice a day now. It's lightweight enough to use after toner, absorbs quickly, and my skin has been noticeably softer, smoother and less red.

  • Urang Blue Clarifying Mask - I have to shout-out this mask, which was one of my first Ohlolly products ever! It’s great for a slow Saturday morning when I want to spend a little more time on self care, but I also use it quickly on my T-zone for a few minutes before a shower. The beads are very gentle and dissolve easily, and I definitely notice a difference in myskin’s redness and clarity after washing it off. Would make a lovely gift, too!
Toun28 Body Cream
  • Toun28 Body Cream Lotion - I never used to prioritize body lotions because they always felt too greasy or artificially scented. Toun28 has converted me. This cream is so silky and smooth, and immediately absorbs to replenish any dry patches on my arms or legs. Plus, I really feel like I am taking care of the health of my skin now (beyond just my face), knowing the ingredients are natural and formulated to help replenish elasticity, promote regeneration and contribute needed vitamins. I’ve seen a visible difference. The Water Blanc scent is also fantastic, reminding me slightly of fresh pear.

  • Eyeing: Toun28 Argan Shampoo - I'm really curious to try this, especially because it's plastic-free and I've been really impressed with their other products so far (Waterful Lotion and Body Cream).


Skin type: Dry

Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule

  • Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule - This feels amazing on the skin. Instantly absorbs without feeling sticky or greasy, and filled with so many nourishing ingredients. Also smells so nice and delicious!

  • Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patches - Little luxuries that are great at the end of a long day or part of a relaxing weekend. Also great when it's really hot outside.

  • Sioris Feel So Fresh Toner - This is so refreshing and immediately revives and perks up my skin. I like that it also gently exfoliates without being harsh.
Sioris Grain Scrub
  • Sioris My Soft Grain Cleanser + Milk Cleanser - It is the best exfoliator for my dry skin. It really does its job wonderfully without that uneasy tightening feel. I wasn't impressed immediately, but the more I use it, I love it more. Highly recommend.

  • Eyeing: Toun28 Kelp Soap - Shampoo bars can be hit or miss, but this one seems like it does the trick, plus the scent isn’t too strong -- just right. I can’t wait to try it for myself. 


Skin type: Dry & Acne-prone

Dr. Jart+ Re-cover

  • Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Re-cover - This is a saving grace for my skin. Regular foundations or primers make my acne-prone skin shudder, but this cream gives me subtle coverage without feeling heavy. It also color-shifts to match my skin tone perfectly, AND it has SPF 40 and is mineral-rich to sooth and strengthen my skin. It also lasts FOREVER (I've had it for months and I'm barely 3/4 of the way through the tub!). Confidence in a jar!

  • Heimish Back Tea Mask Pack - I've started using this every morning as a pick-me-up, and it's become a staple in my morning routine. It gives me a hydration boost wake up call, and it also smells amazing, so I can start my day refreshed and energized. Such a good routine!
Urang Rose Ceramide Cream
  • Urang Rose Ceramide Cream - I was skeptical at how rich this product would be, but it is incredible. It's thick enough to feel really moisturizing and luxurious, but it also has a subtle matte glow finish that feels incredible and non-greasy. I wake up every morning after a night of this cream feeling fully hydrated. It's amazing!

  • Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam - I love this cleanser! It has the best consistency — smooth & creamy, but with a really subtle textured feel. It's great for sensitive skin, and makes me feel fully cleansed without overly stripping my skin. I've definitely noticed my skin is more balanced and clear since using this product!

  • Eyeing: Sioris My First Essener - This seems so calming and hydrating! It has two of my favorite ingredients — green tea & rose water — which are both great for soothing irritation and protecting the skin. Plus, for every bottle sold, Sioris has committed to donating to Forest for Life, which plants trees to help offset carbon dioxide in the air by sequestering it in healthy soil. How cool is that?!


    Skin type: Oily & Acne-prone

    Toun28 Trouble Care for Sensitive Skin

    Etude House Relief Toner


    Skin type: Combination & Sensitive

    iUnik Tea Tree Relief Serum

    • iUnik Tea Tree Relief Serum - If you're searching for the perfect lightweight serum, then look no further. This serum absorbs so quickly and soothes my sensitive skin without fail. Perfect for everyday use - especially on rough skin days!

    • Pyunkang Yul Peeling Gel - This gel has been my key to getting squeaky clean skin. It has an extremely gentle formula that doesn't irritate but still manages to exfoliate and leave your skin feeling baby soft immediately after using it!

    • Cosrx 2 in 1 Poreless Power Liquid - I use this solution every day during my morning routine. It's incredibly lightweight and has made my pores visibly smaller. My sensitive and acne-prone skin has never been so smooth - just make sure to use sunscreen!
    Cosrx Blackhead Power Liquid
    • Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid - This exfoliator paired with the Cosrx 2-in-1 Poreless Power Liquid has been an unstoppable duo. My skin is so much smoother and brighter and it has helped my pores virtually disappear! If your skin isn't used to BHA, I recommend starting with this exfoliator one night a week and then working your way up. Once your skin gets accustomed to the exfoliator then you'll be on your way to perfection!

    • Urang Rose Ceramide Cream - This moisturizer is always smooth, never greasy. I use it morning and night to help protect my skin and seal in the hydration from my routine. It's all natural and always makes my skin look plump & healthy. It is the perfect amount of soothing and hydrating to balance out my combination & sensitive skin. With so much versatility, this moisturizer is sure to fit right into anyone's skincare routine.

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