Real Review: Dr. Ceuracle’s Pure VC Mellite Ampoule

Real Review: Dr. Ceuracle’s Pure VC Mellite Ampoule

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The inevitable had finally begun. I started to notice more hyperpigmentation, dullness and other signs of aging as my next birthday approached. So, wanting to get (and keep) my skin in its healthiest condition possible, I also started reviewing the countless articles and many “anti-aging” tips the skincare world had to offer.

It wasn’t long before I was convinced that Vitamin C needed a spot in my skincare routine.

While I was familiar with using actives (mainly acids and a Retinol cream), I had only tried a Vitamin C serum once before… and it broke me out in a flash of whiteheads. While I was a little hesitant to try it again, there was no denying Vitamin C as one of the best treatments for lessening fine lines, boosting elasticity and increasing the complexion’s overall appearance. I decided to give it another shot, using one of the purest and most potent forms that Ohlolly carries.

Ohlolly Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule

Dr. Ceuracle’s Pure VC Mellite Ampoule uses a combination of 10% pure Vitamin C powder plus Blue Chamomile oil for calming irritation and antioxidants like Tranexamic acid and Glutathione, which help brighten the skin and prevent oxidation. The Vitamin C power is actually kept separate from the ampoule and mixed in right before you use it -- this helps preserve the integrity of the active ingredient so you’re using it as fresh as possible. I liked this idea. I also liked the included ion-jector wand with the Déesse Special Set. I love a good facial massage, and these two together seemed like a win-win.

Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule 1

Below, I document my month-long experience:

First impressions: Slight citrusy scent. The ampoule feels really good on my skin. The texture easily absorbs but also feels silky and hydrating. The wand doesn’t really feel like it does anything in terms of driving the product “deeper” into my skin, but it does feel cooling and calms like a gua sha or massager tool would. Time will tell!

Week One: My feels happy and hydrated. No real visible changes yet, but application feels great and the cool applicator is a great massage. I really look forward to applying this at night, just before bed.

Important update: I had put the batteries in the ion-jector wand wrong! Once I properly inserted the batteries, I noticed that a light switches on to let you know the tool is working. I’ll apply a few drops of the ampoule across my forehead and each cheek, then gently press it in with my hands to distribute it evenly over my face. Then, I use the wand as a last sweep and I do notice that my skin seems to “absorb” the product better.

Week Two: I notice my cheekbones more than I used to, possibly from how the wand massages at night and helps to lessen any inflammation in my face?  My skin isn’t as red when I wake up in the morning, and it seems less dull. Dullness can be a hard thing to quantify, but for me, I can just tell my skin looks more “alive” than normal. I think it’s holding onto moisture better, despite temperatures dipping and it being really windy and dry outside.

Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule 2

Week Three: There is more consistency in my tone. I still have my freckles (which I love) and a darker patch of pigmentation on my cheek, but I’m noticing how my skin does appear smoother and more taut. I think the ampoule is helping the pigmentation from being as noticeable since my skin isn’t as dry. I’ve also noticed that it's easier to achieve a “dewy” finish after my morning routine, and I actually like how my skin looks without any makeup or color-corrector.

I actually like how my skin looks without any makeup or color-corrector.

Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule 3

Week Four: Elasticity has definitely improved. My skin has more bounce than it did last month and my complexion is brighter and more even. Also, even though it’s advised to use each bottle within 7-10 days of opening, I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge and am still on the first bottle! I like how a little goes a long way, just 3-4 drops on forehead and along each cheekbone. I can sense more vitality has returned to my skin while making it softer, but stronger.

Conclusions: No bad reactions or breakouts. This ampoule feels luxurious and potent while still being gentle on my skin. I plan to continue using it because it’s such a simple way to elevate the other anti-aging elements in my routine. That’s all I think anti-aging should truly be: products that you love using in order to keep your skin in its best, most natural and healthy state. That, and wearing sunscreen.


Try Dr. Ceuracle’s VC Ampoule for yourself here. Available in single quantity, 4-pack, and 4-pack with ionjector wand. Don’t forget to reach out to with any product or anti-aging questions too!

Written/Reviewed by Ziza @ Ohlolly