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Review: Two in One Poreless Power Liquid, Another Winner from Cosrx

Review: Two in One Poreless Power Liquid, Another Winner from Cosrx

One of Cosrx’s latest releases, Two in One Poreless Power Liquid, sold out in just a few short hours after its initial launch, thanks to its promises of perfectly poreless skin. Smooth, poreless skin, aka glass skin, is a K-beauty skincare ideal, and any product that promises to produce this elusive complexion is naturally going to receive a lot of buzz.

And this time, the buzz is warranted. At Ohlolly, the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid has quickly risen to become a staple in our skincare routines. Let’s be clear, it won’t give you poreless skin, because poreless skin is impossible but it can clear congested pores, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and refine skin texture like no other. Let’s break it all down.


Cosrx describes this product as a Liquid but the Two in One Poreless Liquid has a slightly more viscous quality than their other Liquids, e.g., AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid and BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Think of this more as a treatment essence. The Two in One Poreless Power Liquid is clear and scentless, because Cosrx never adds any fragrance or colors to their products. Any scent this liquid has is naturally derived from the ingredients.

Ohlolly Cosrx Two in One Poreless Power Liquid


Cosrx has built a cult-following using the minimal amount of highly-effective ingredients in their products and the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid is no exception. The two active ingredients are BHA and tannin. The BHA in this liquid is betaine salicylate NOT salicylic acid. Betaine salicylate is derived from sugar beets, so if you’ve found salicylic acid too harsh in the past, then betaine salicylate could be a great alternative.
Plus, the Two in One Poreless Liquid contains 0.1%  BHA as compared to the 4% used in the popular BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. This amount provides just enough exfoliation, and is safe enough to use in conjunction with other BHA and AHA products, perfect. The other star ingredient is Tannin, which makes up a whooping 88% of this product!

Ohlolly Cosrx Two in One Poreless Power Liquid Review 1


This super ingredient is derived from the bark and skin of trees and fruit, in this case the bark of the white willow tree. Tannin contains anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin-conditioning  qualities. In nature, tannins protect trees and fruits from infections by bacteria. In skincare, tannin does the same thing by fighting off bacterial infections, aka, acne. And thanks to its richness in antioxidants, tannin also helps fight free radicals that can cause cell damage.

There’s more. Tannin is also a natural botanical astringent. Astringents removes excess oil from your pores while also tightening pores, resulting in smoother and clearer skin.


The Two in one Poreless Liquid is beneficial for every skin type, which is why it’s a universal favorite at the Ohlolly office. From dry to oily to combo, we’ve all personally experienced the skin-smoothing benefits. Because of its botanical base and the low concentration of BHA, it is gentle enough for those with sensitive and dry skin. Yet its natural astringent and bacterial-fighting properties make it a perfect addition for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

Ohlolly Cosrx Two in One Poreless Power Liquid Review 4


Cosrx recommends using this product as a treatment, meaning after cleansing and toning. We also recommend using it after your chemical exfoliators. Remember because it contains 0.1% BHA, it’s perfectly safe to use with other acid products. And lastly follow with moisturizers and sunscreen during the day.
If you want step-by-step routines on how to properly layer acids for your skin type, subscribe to our YouTube channel--we’re making a video to show you how to layer all your favorite Cosrx products.

Cosrx Two in One Poreless Power Liquid
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Review by Kait