Skin Trends Report: IN or OUT

Skin Trends Report: IN or OUT

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The online beauty world is over-saturated with info, and it can be hard to navigate what to believe. So here’s a list based on our years of research in the beauty space. Read on to see what’s in and what’s out in the skincare world right now.

OUT: Overusing Retinols & Vitamin C

We all know that retinols and vitamin C are powerhouse skincare ingredients. These active ingredients are finally getting the credit they deserve for clear, bright skin. But trends often go too far, and this is one we’re afraid has done just that. Overusing these potent ingredients can lead to major skin barrier damage, irritation, and hypersensitivity. And overuse comes in a variety of ways: using retinols daily without letting your skin adjust, using too high of a percentage/dosage, or using retinols too young. It is considered best to wait until your mid-20s to use retinol, unless you’ve been encouraged by a healthcare professional to use it earlier for acne.

When it comes to active ingredients like retinols, vitamin C, etc., moderation is key! We recommend a gentle, hydrating retinol cream for your nightly routine, or a calming vitamin C serum that is both potent and sensitive skin-friendly. Bakuchiol, featured in this eye cream, is also a plant-derived retinol alternative for more sensitive skin types.

WYLYS Nightinol Cream

If you feel you’ve already damaged your skin by overusing the actives – don’t worry! Simply slow down or stop use altogether, and replace with a simple, calming serum or moisturizer instead. Time and healing ingredients are on your side! Once you’ve fully recovered, start back up nice and slow.

IN: Body Care

The world wide web is finally starting to discuss how neck-down skin care is not just trendy for beauty’s sake, it’s also important for skin health. Sure, the body doesn’t need an in-depth 10-step routine. But moisturizing and SPF daily can make a huge difference in your overall health. Show your epidermis some love with the Moroccan Gardner Body Oil or the Tocobo Bio Watery Sun Cream (good for face & body!).

Body care at

OUT: Anti-Aging

We know what it really means…, but “anti-aging” does not exist. 2024 (and every year after that) is all about embracing the aging process and finding healthy ways to age regeneratively and gracefully. This could mean increasing collagen production, wearing SPF to prevent premature fine lines, or encouraging brightening hydration. Mostly, it means embracing your age with confidence at any time of life!


We can’t talk about this enough! With the rise in environmental stressors like pollution, SPF is an ever-essential part of your skin health, beyond just sun protection. And the kind you use depends on these factors as well. Whether you’re shiny in the city, dry in the desert, working outdoors, or just need something lightweight & easy, there’s a sunscreen for you. You can even try a sunscreen on-the-go for reapplication.

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OUT: “One Size Fits All” Products, DIY Products, and 10-Step Routines

The allure of a cure-all product is huge. We get it. But most of the time, these products promise big things with few real results. This is typically because, while the ingredients may all be there, the formulations don’t maximize the benefits of the product. We have seen better results when isolating your skin concerns and tackling them one at a time. Try this tea tree-forward serum for acne relief, this gentle vitamin C concentrate for hyperpigmentation, or this calming gel for redness and irritation. Simple, yet effective formulas that focus on immediate and concentrated relief to your skin.

Dr Ceuracle Pure VC Ampoule Vitamin C Concentrate

Curious about other skincare trends or need some personalized advice? We’re just an email away at We’d love to talk!