Skincare Crush : Urang

Skincare Crush : Urang

It’s rare to discover a natural skincare line that is simultaneously gentle and effective, comprised only of truly quality ingredients and none of the unnecessary fillers, yet Urang is just that. Founded by Jina Lee, a mother and holistic aromatherapist whose desire to create a safe skincare line stemmed from her family, Urang is Ohlolly’s newest curation and obsession. (Read more about Lee’s inspiring startup journey here.)

Natural products that actually work

Ohlolly first began testing Urang back in August 2017. It was instantaneously love. We’re still in constant contact with Urang and our love for Jina Lee’s vision and her products have only grown. Multitasking, effective and beautiful, Urang has earned a permanent place in our skincare wardrobe.

Read on to learn more about the amazing Urang products and each team member’s personal favorites.

ALBA / Combo skin type

Urang Rose Mist This stuff is GOLD in a spray bottle! It leaves me feeling refreshed and somehow more firm and hydrated, not at all dry like some toners. Also, the key ingredient, rose water, is full of beneficial vitamins. Rose water has 17 times more vitamin C than lemons and 20 times more vitamin A than tomatoes. I just love what it does for my skin, it’s so amazing!

Ohlolly Urang Rose Mist - Alba

Urang Natural Cleansing Oil I’ve previously attempted oil cleansing with steam and I loved the results but NOT how long it took. So at first I was skeptical of how easy the Urang Natural Cleansing Oil seemed. Just put the cleanser on your dry skin and then add water. But it works! It not only washes off easily, but my face feels the most clean I’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or oily, just so smooth.

Urang True Rose Repair Essence The True Rose Repair Essence makes my skin feel so soft and bouncy. As I’ve entered into my late 20’s and 30 is creeping up on me, I’ve definitely began to see changes in my skin. But when I put this on my skin feels youthful, extra soft and glowing. And my skin absorbs it so quickly!

Ohlolly Urang True Rose Repair Essence - Alba

TIP: The Urang True Rose Repair Essence can also be put on AFTER your evening cream (the best option being the Urang Rose Ceramide Creamto create a sleep pack.


HERRA / Oily to Combo, Acne-prone, Dehydrated skin

Urang Blue Oil Serum I am obsessed with this serum; it's a game changer. This magic potion is single-handedly responsible for causing my husband to notice my skin and say, "Are you wearing makeup?" when we were just lounging at home. Yup! I have fair amount of hyperpigmentation on my face from years of sun damage and acne. It didn't make them all disappear, but it clearly brightened my complexion and made those spots less glaring than before. I'm sold.

Ohlolly Urang Blue Oil Serum - Herra

Urang Rose pH Balancing Mist From the very first mist, I fell head-over-heels in love with this toner. I admit, I'm a fan of that squeaky-clean feeling after using foaming cleansers that are usually a high pH. That's why I love this pH Balancing Mist.  Immediately after cleansing I mist it all over my face and neck to help restore skin's healthy, slightly acidic pH level. Also, this 100% organic rose water smells like, wait for it, ROSE!  Not the synthetic rose scent; it's the unmistakably beautiful and luxurious fragrance of rose flower. Totally a must-have!

Urang True Rose Repair Essence Along with the Rose Mist, Urang True Rose Repair Essence quickly became a regular in my skincare routine. It applies easily and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin nourished and hydrated. It’s also highly effective at soothing and calming my acne-prone skin. I'm constantly testing new products and inevitably my skin experiences some irritation, breakout, etc. The Urang True Rose Repair Essence is my go-to solution to calm my skin so that I can continue testing more products.

Ohlolly Urang True Rose Repair Essence - Herra


KAIT / Normal to Combo skin

Urang Natural Cleansing Oil I normally don’t love a product the very first time I use it, but this Cleansing Oil was the exception. It’s luxurious without feeling heavy. It works wonders as a makeup remover at night, but I also use it a regular cleanser in the mornings, especially in the winter months when my skin is prone to dry spots. It leaves my skin unbelievably soft. Any product that makes you excited about washing your face is a winner to me.

Ohlolly Urang Natural Cleansing Oil - Kait

Urang Multi Balm This baby truly lives up to its name as a multi-tasker. I’m super-prone to chapped lips and this is very hydrating. It’s also great for softening cuticles. And although my skin isn’t “dry” I sometimes get dry spots which this will instantly heal. I also appreciate the organic and gentle ingredients which are safe enough to use even on my baby. The founder of Urang actually created this product for diaper rash and as a nipple cream. This would be such a perfect gift for any new moms!

Urang Vitamin Oil Serum I used to believe oils were only for very dry skin types and would make my skin oily, but thankfully I was so wrong! Now I’m a true believer in oils for all skin types and this Vitamin Oil Serum is one of my absolute favorites. In the evenings I either put this all over my face if my skin needs some serious hydration, or I add a couple drops of the Vitamin Oil Serum with my moisturizer. In the mornings I mix a couple drops with my BB cream, which gives my skin just the perfect amount of glow.

Ohlolly Urang Vitamin Oil Serum - Kait


SUE / Dry, dehydrated skin

Urang Multi Balm I’ve been singing praises about this balm from the moment I started testing it. I use it for everything! It moisturizes, it heals, it takes care of so many different kinds of skin needs: any dry patches on the face or body, on you or on your baby (if you have one). It melts easily like an oil but it’s not greasy. I also love it on dry lips, cuticles, dry ends of my hair. This is a true multi-tasking skin salve. I also really enjoy the scent.

Ohlolly Urang Multibalm - Sue

Urang Glow Oil Serum Ever since following my own tips and tricks for dry skin (read about it HERE), my skin has not felt dry or dehydrated though my actual skin type remains dry and dehydrated. This oil serum is like rehab for skin. It gives me that glow from within look; well-moisturized, more evenly toned and super soft. The sophisticated scent adds luxury to the whole experience. My skin feels revived!

Urang Natural Cleansing Oil I love this cleanser. I love the pump, the natural barely-there but so-enjoyable scent, and the rich texture that somehow rinses off so cleanly. I actually look forward to cleansing my face with this at night! I like to give myself a mini facial massage with this oil too. After rinsing my skin feels clean, soft and bouncy.

Ohlolly Urang Natural Cleansing Oil - Sue

Urang Blue Oil Serum Notice how I dropped the “Whitening” part from the actual name of this product. The Korean beauty term, 미백 [Mee-baek], literally translates as ‘whitening’ but the true meaning of this word is really ‘brightening’ or ‘transparent.’ Regardless, I absolutely adore this blue oil serum. The unusual color makes my shelf look refreshed and the scent is gorgeous. It’s lightweight and quick-absorbing. But more than anything, this is a serious, high-performing serum. My skin looks literally brighter within the first week of everyday use. If you deal with dull, uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin, this is a must.

FYI: The active ingredient, alpha bisabolol, has been studied for many years and is ideal for sensitive skin with redness and sun damaged skin. It helps inhibit melanin synthesis, providing an overall brightening effect.



Ohlolly Urang Rose Ceramide Cream

Rose Ceramide Cream This uber creamy moisturizer has quickly become our favorite as well as our customers'. It's just what your skin needs. With the perfect blend of soothing rose water, nourishing rose flower oil and skin protecting ceramide, this cream delivers intense long-lasting moisture for all skin types. Great as a daytime or nighttime cream, this is made without synthetic fragrances, additives, harmful chemicals or preservatives.


Urang also handmakes Bar Soaps with organic coconut and olive oil perfect for combo to oily skin types. Also if you can’t decide between the three different, but equally amazing oils, you don't need to. Right now you can buy the Oil Serum Trio at a great pre-bundled price.

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