What does “Clean Beauty” really mean?

What does “Clean Beauty” really mean?

Defining the new standard of beauty at Ohlolly.

The world of “natural” beauty is notoriously hard to navigate. Just walk through any beauty aisle at the drug store and you’ll see endless products claiming to be natural or organic. But what do these terms really mean? Well it could mean that the product is made from naturally-derived and organic ingredients, or it could mean absolutely nothing.

Here are Ohlolly, we respect honestly natural and organic products, but what we truly care about when finding new curations is formulation. We’re seeking the best formulated products made with the best ingredients that give the best results, aka--the best of clean beauty.  

So, what is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is less about just containing natural ingredients, and more about incorporating natural ingredients into purer, simpler and safer formulations that actually work. Here’s what we mean.

Ohlolly Purer K-beauty


The first thing we do at Ohlolly when considering a new brand or product is scrutinize the ingredients list. Purer formulations means avoiding ingredients that are common in cosmetics, but also potentially toxic or harmful. The list is extensive, but the ones we look to avoid include: parabens, phthalates, SLS and SLES, oxybenzone and formaldehyde.

Ohlolly Suggests:

Sioris Goodbye Makeup Remover
Effortlessly eliminates stubborn makeup using only pure and natural ingredients. Made with 54% organic citrus junos fruit water, plus a beautiful blend of nourishing oils, instead of silicones and sulfates.

JKosmmune Enzyme Cleansing Powder
A gentle, foaming facial cleanser uniquely formulated with JKosmmune's 99.9% pure beta glucan and papaya-derived enzyme. Works as a natural cleanser/exfoliator to effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities from pores.

Ohlolly Simpler K-beauty


In addition to avoiding certain harmful ingredients, we also look for simpler formulations to avoid any fillers or unnecessary ingredients. While some “filler” ingredients are necessary, (for example, triglycerides, a non-toxic ingredient, is often used as a thickening agent to give products a creamy texture) other ingredients are often added to boost a product’s perceived volume without increasing its efficacy. In some cases, efficacy can even be decreased due to the presence of other additives. At Ohlolly, we’ve found that the best products are the ones with easy-to-understand ingredient labels that showcase its powerhouse ingredients.

Ohlolly Suggests:

Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum
Made with four ingredients -- only what’s necessary -- this naturally blue oil serum moisturizes while reducing the appearance of fine lines, blotchiness and hyperpigmentation.

Olivarrier Fluid Oil Squalane
Only ONE ingredient is present in this ingenious treatment: squalane. Derived from olives, Squalane protects skin from ultraviolet rays and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier.

Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner
This hydrating toner is made with 91.9% coptis japonica root extract, a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory, energizing and nourishing properties.

Ohlolly Safer K-beauty


Just because an ingredient is natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Poison ivy, anyone?Conversely, just because an ingredient is synthetic doesn’t mean that it’s harmful. For example, hyaluronic acid is a lab-created ingredient that is completely safe, while also incredibly hydrating. This synthetic ingredient actually mimics the exact molecular formula found naturally in the human body. So, while we love natural ingredients, when it comes to clean beauty, safety is always the top priority. Safer formulations mean choosing the gentlest ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, whether those ingredients are 100% natural or 100% lab-made.

Ohlolly Suggests:

HaruHaru WONDER Toner
The two star ingredients, fermented black rice and hyaluronic acid, combine to bring a boost of hydration and anti-aging nourishment to tired skin.

Urang Rose Ceramide Cream
Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, this soothing cream keeps skin plumped with all-day moisture. Every ingredient used in this wonder cream is safe and gentle with an EWG rating of 1.

Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser
Fresh and organic green plum water is the star of this soothing milk cleanser. This 100% natural cleanser is free from parabens, artificial fragrance, additives or harmful chemicals and is great for all skin types.

Green Leaves Chua Bing Quanphoto: @chuabingquan

Ultimately, clean beauty is about transparency and effectiveness.

Clean beauty isn’t just about not including this or including that, but about shedding light on ingredients and formulas, and simply being honest. At Ohlolly, we strive to work with small, boutique brands whom we have personal and direct relationships with. We think this makes for better products, better business, and simply, happier customers!

At the end of the day, if we don’t deem a product effective, it doesn’t make the cut. That’s why, after scouring through all the ingredients, we test every product on different skin types. Skin is unique; if a product doesn’t work well for dry skin, then it still might work miracles for oily skin.

Shop clean K-beauty at Ohlolly.

Skincare ingredients and formulations can be confusing, especially within K-beauty. As clean beauty evolves, we’re evolving too. We’re always on the lookout for the newest and best of clean K-beauty products that are pure, safe, simple, transparent, and of course, effective. Please join us in this journey.

Some of our favorite clean K-beauty brands include:

HaruHaru WONDER at Ohlolly  

JKosmmune at Ohlolly


Pyunkang Yul at Ohlolly

Sioris at Ohlolly

Urang at Ohlolly

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