What Happened When I Tried This Anti-Wrinkle Serum for 30 Days

What Happened When I Tried This Anti-Wrinkle Serum for 30 Days

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Maybe you know it. There’s a certain sweet spot of skin frustration where it seems as though, out of nowhere, your skin has taken a turn for the worst. You can’t pinpoint exactly when it started or why you didn’t notice it sooner, but one day the mirror practically shouts back at you, “Hey! Your skin needs some help!”

That’s exactly how I felt. I’ve always been diligent with my skincare routine after years of persistent breakouts and dry skin. I thought I had found a few products I could rely on, but inevitably, after a few months my skin had reverted back to its dull, ornery self. Topped by the fact that I’m now in my early 30s and the first signs of aging are hovering nearby, I was equally excited and exasperated to find a product that could breathe new life into my skin.

Could one product change everything? I put WONDER’s Black Rice Hyaluronic Anti-wrinkle Serum to the test* for one month (once a day, in my nighttime routine) to find out.

 HaruHaru WONDER Serum

Why this serum?

Partial to natural and plant-based skincare, I love that the star ingredient of WONDER is antioxidant-rich fermented black rice. Fermented products go a long way in preventing signs of aging and helping the skin to regenerate. This serum uses hyaluronic acid, red ginseng extract, betaine (a collagen booster) and hydrating botanical oils to supposedly offer bouncy and firmer looking skin -- such a potent combination. It’s also free of harmful chemicals, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Sign me up!

*Disclosure: As part of Ohlolly’s creative team, I did receive this product for free to test. However, all opinions and conclusions are my own, and I had the utmost freedom to share my thoughts in any way that I wanted.

First Impressions

LOVE the texture and the smell -- it’s a subtle, natural scent that doesn’t overpower and smells very grounding and calming. Perfect for right before bed. The texture, a milky essence, also goes on silky smooth and not sticky at all. I know it’s an essence, but this also feels thick enough that after several applications of toner, it could work well as a hydration-boosting moisturizer.

Also, the packaging is very user-friendly and ergonomic. I really like how it feels to hold and how easily it stores inside a drawer versus taking up shelf space. I could see this traveling very well.

Week 1

Going in, my skin feels dry, patchy, and also a little sunburned. It’s been having a hard time holding onto moisture and I feel like my pores are somehow oilier. I have been using a regular nighttime routine with an emphasis on hydration, yet, first thing in the morning I always feel an immediate need to moisturize my dry-feeling face.

Week 2

My skin feels more even and hydrated this week. It seems like my pores are a little less noticeable and I wake up with still plump, bouncy skin. Texture appears more even. It’s been very hot and dry this week, so I really look forward to applying this at night. My skin drinks it up and feels like it’s perfectly prepped for bed.

Week 3

I keep forgetting to wash and apply more moisturizer in the morning because my face feels so hydrated from the night before! In 30 years of washing my face, that’s never been the case. My skin is also clearer, tighter, and pores are still less noticeable than last month. Even around my eyes, my skin seems plump and happy.

I don’t know if related to this serum, but I also should note that I haven’t had a breakout in weeks. That’s atypical for me.

Week 4

My skin is noticeably clearer and more evened-out. I usually have to apply some sort of color corrector or redness cream, but not in the last few weeks. The thin layer of dryness that always persists in the morning is gone. I keep forgetting my morning moisturizer! Despite being out in the sun more (and always with SPF), I notice that the areas of my face that have gotten tanner, like my cheeks and forehead, still feel hydrated and look healthy.

Ziza WONDER Serum Blog


I’m going on my eighth week of using this serum, and I can honestly say that I love it. It’s gentle but really effective at keeping my skin hydrated, soft, even, and clear. I think all skin types could benefit from using this either alone (if skin is oilier) or in combo with another toner, essence and moisturizer depending on how dry your skin is. But consider yourself warned! You may end up feeling so hydrated that, like me, you forget your morning moisturizer. I am really impressed. 

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Written by Ziza