What Is a "Skincare Diet"?

What Is a "Skincare Diet"?

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A skincare "diet" isn't about achieving instant results or quick fixes, but maintaining a state of health that best suits your specific skin. Below, we define what a diet like this is and share how to start one.

1. Do I need this?

If your skin is feeling overly sensitive, easily irritated or showing other signs of stress (flakiness, red patches, breakouts), then it's wise to pull back on your products and keep things simple for a while -- aka, going on a skincare "diet." It's important to listen to your skin.

For example: Try using just a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner (optional) + calming moisturizer.

2. Create an "active" action plan.

If there's one issue you're really noticing, then adding an active ingredient (usually the most potent star element in a product) can streamline your routine.

If clogged pores are your biggest concern, try a BHA essence after cleansing. If it's dark spots or an uneven complexion, try a brightening Vitamin C serum before moisturizing. If it's early signs of aging like fine lines, try something concentrated with antioxidants or ferment filtrates as a treatment.

Potent active ingredients can sensitize the skin. Build up tolerance slowly by using them once every few nights to eventually every night. Depending on your skin type, this process can take anywhere from just a couple of weeks to a few months.

Remember to use SPF every day. Active ingredients (like acids and vitamin C) can make the skin more sensitive to UV damage.

Avoid using several active ingredients all in one routine. It's better to go slowly than to overwhelm the skin and have to reverse damage later.

3. Be flexible.

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The best diets are intuitive. Your skin is constantly changing, so putting your routine on a "diet" is all about sensing what's working and what isn't. Give your skin time so you can see how the addition or removal of different products affects it.

For example: Try using only the essentials for a week, a cleanser + moisturizer, to see how your skin responds. Maybe your skin isn't as oily or as dry as you once thought. Maybe you'll find one oil serum can replace an ampoule + cream. Fine-tune your process from there.

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Here's a streamlined example routine per skin type:

DRY: Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer

COMBO: Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer

OILY: Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer

NORMAL: Cleanser + TonerMoisturizer

For more personalized skincare guidance, or if you have any questions, reach out to us at any time at hello@ohlolly.com!