WHEN: A Holiday Gift Guide

WHEN: A Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again when the responsible among us start asking “What do you want for Christmas?”, and the rest of us haven’t thought that far ahead yet. So, before the time slips too quickly into the holiday rush, here is Ohlolly’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide: 2023 Edition. Here’s our ode to the wide range of holiday experiences, that all come back to what we at Ohlolly love the most: skincare.

When Your Mom Asks What You Want:

When mom asks, you know it’s time to dream big. What better time to try Ohlolly’s hottest new product – Wylys’s Double Rose Luminizer. This vitamin-rich, cold-pressed complex of essential oils strengthens the skin barrier and diminishes fine lines – AKA, the perfect luxe gift to ask for. Don’t believe us? K-beauty queen Renée of Gothamista thinks so too, watch HERE. Pro tip: return the love and get one for your mom – she’ll thank you for it.

When You Need a Last Minute White Elephant Gift

Be it an office party or a loose friend’s holiday mixer, everyone wants to be the cool girl gift giver. Enter the ultimate Toun28 trio: a Body Bar, and a travel-friendly Soap Pouch, and a Magnetic Soap Holder. Everyone will be passing around the bar to get a whiff of its lux, refreshing scent. The soap pouch and holder will be adored as both incredibly useful and kind of quirky. Your gift recipient will thank you for their newfound popularity. Plus, it’s all under $30. White Elephant: Mastered.

When the Sassy Teen in Your Life Is Really Into SkinTok

It’s no secret that Korean beauty has been blowing up the internet recently. So whether it’s for your angsty teen or you’re the screen queen yourself, try this Serum Discovery Kit from the viral brand Beauty of Joseon. It comes with four popular serums for all skin types, so the skin will love this kit (and its online fame) no matter who you gift it to.

Beauty of Joseon Serum Discovery Kit

When Your Spouse Is Going Through A Midlife Crisis

We all face the inevitable existential crisis that comes with age (& the holidays). Never fear, Ohlolly’s Routine Kits are here. Nothing beats an existential slump quite like the thrill of a new routine, especially when that routine includes cleansing balms, invigorating mists, and soothing serums. Plus, there’s a routine for each skin type to help kickstart a new life chapter no matter your needs. A lot more affordable than a new car (and the results are a lot more long-lasting)!

When You’re in Charge of Stocking Stuffers this Year

There are too many fun and giftable stocking stuffer options at Ohlolly, so here are a few that anyone can enjoy (all under $15!): This travel-sized Rose Mist from Sioris. A popular Lapcos Sheet Masks (or any sheet mask at Ohlolly). These mini, one-time use Heimish All Clean Balms. This dangerously delicious-smelling Huxley Hand Cream. A universally loved (& needed) Hydrating Toner from Haruharu Wonder. Any and all of these are sure to be stocking stuffer knockouts!

Heimish All Clean Balm Minis

When It’s Your First Holiday Season with a Partner

Nothing says “I really like you but I’m nervous to come on too strong” quite like the Huxley Moroccan Gardner Body Trio. This wash, lotion, and oil combo provides a luxurious aromatherapy experience that will make any partner feel cared for. Plus, its herbaceous, floral scent is gender-neutral and good for all skin types. A gift that’s both nurturing and sensual. You’re welcome.

When It’s Your First Holiday Season Solo

Whether you’re loving the single life or feeling the cuffing season blues, skincare is a sure way to put your best face forward. Literally. Gift yourself a spa night, featuring Urang’s Clarifying Blue Mask. Its gently exfoliating blend of botanical ingredients is the ideal solution for lackluster skin and a luxurious night in. (Pro tip: get one for your bestie and have a spa night together!).

Urang Clarifying Blue Mask

Holidays can bring up a lot of emotions for so many people. And as trivial as skincare may seem, it really is a beautiful way to show someone that they, and their bodies, matter.

And don’t let the holiday rush be stressful – you’re not alone! If you have any questions, need recommendations, or just need a skincare friend, we’ve got you. Email us at hello@ohlolly.com. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!