When Skin Types Collide: Popular Skin Issues You’ve (Never) Heard Of

When Skin Types Collide: Popular Skin Issues You’ve (Never) Heard Of

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Have you ever looked at a list of skin types and thought, “My skin doesn’t fit on this list!”? Ohlolly knows that skin is like people: beautiful, unique, and often unpredictable! For the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring different skin types, skin needs, and the products we recommend to help your skin thrive.

Here's a look at our first type:

Oily + Dehydrated

Does your face often feel tight and oily at the same time? Dehydrated skin is a skin condition caused by external factors like stress, climate, or diet. It often leads to an imbalance in the skin’s water and oil levels, resulting in excess oil production. Focusing on a routine that provides lightweight layers of hydration is key to restoring balance for this type of skin.

Double cleanse:

Blithe’s Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water is a great first cleanser to purify the skin and lessen the effects of pollution and other external stressors. Follow that with the Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam to balance the skin’s pH levels for a first step that is deeply cleansing, soothing, and balancing without over-stripping the skin.

Exfoliate and tone at once:

Cosrx’s One Step Original Clear Pads work as a great toner and exfoliator for dehydrated, oily skin. BHA and white willow bark tree extract are both natural ingredients that unclog pores and aid in fast recovery while soothing the skin.


Follow a toner with a hydrating essence. Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence provides deep nourishment using its star ingredient, snail secretion filtrate. This helps the skin recover and repair itself to retain its bounce and glow.


Because dehydration is caused by external stressors, ingredients that protect against these stressors are a must. Kosmetic Immunity Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturizer uses mBeta Glucan, which is known to boost the skin’s immunity, repair damaged skin, and protect it against environmental aggressors. It also provides long-lasting moisture that leaves the skin feeling smooth and bright.


Innisfree Intensive Anti-pollution Sunscreen is a great final step in this routine. Not only is it SPF50, it also works as an anti-pollutant to protect the skin from  environmental stressors that can cause your skin type to break out in the first place. Anti-aging and free radical-fighting, what’s not to love?!

For a little extra love:

Bee venom and snail secretion filtrate may not be words you’d associate with smooth, clear skin, but Benton Snail Bee High Content Sheet Mask combines these with aloe and green tea leaf water for a clearer, calmer complexion. Use in place of a serum or essence for added balance and brightness in your routine.

What does your skin need these days? Stay tuned for more skin type specifics. Have questions? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at hello@ohlolly.com.