Korean Beauty Routine

Ohlolly's K-Beauty Routine for glowing skin


YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD - When it comes to facing the new day, we say, approach it with the most dewy and fresh-looking skin possible. Ohlolly offers products for every skin type, from dry to oily to combination. With innovative and beautiful Korean skincare products, taking care of your skin becomes less of a chore and more of a ritual. Below are the five essential morning steps to get your skin glowing.


During the night, oil residue and dead skin cells accumulate on your skin. Cleansing removes this buildup, which is why proper cleansing is a crucial first step in the Korean skincare routine. With clean skin, you have a blank canvas for the following beneficial steps. 


Step two is toning. Toning removes any leftover residue, plus it restores your skin’s pH balance. Your skin will feel soothed and prepped to absorb the next skincare treatments and their hydrating and nutrient boosting properties.


Step three, treating, is the heart of the Korean skincare routine. This step allows you to hyper-target specific skin issues using essences, serums and ampoules. Essences regenerate skin, making skin healthier and firmer. Serums are more concentrated than essences and target specific issues like dark spots and wrinkles. Ampoules provide the highest concentration of ingredients while targeting specific skin concerns. Customize your routine to address your particular skincare needs.

TIP: The layering order should start from lighter consistency to thicker.


This step seals the deal--moisturizing. Moisturizing not only adds another layer of hydration to your skin, but is also locks in all the beneficial treatments you just applied. If a heavy moisturizer makes your skin too oily, try an emulsion during the day, which has a lighter texture.  


Sun protection is a non-negotiable step in Korean Beauty. The sun’s harmful rays damage your skin on a cellular level, so using sun protection is critical to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Remember to apply everyday, even when it’s overcast.  





RESTORE & REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN - Just like your morning routine, your evening Korean skincare routine contains five steps, that can be individualized according to your specific skincare needs.


During the evening while you’re resting, your skin is working hard to rejuvenate. Take the time to care for your skin in the evening, and you’ll be rewarded with renewed and well-rested skin in the morning. Cleansing in the evening is a two-part step. First, use an oil-based cleanser, which is the best way to remove oil-based impurities like makeup and excess sebum. Next, follow up with a water-based cleanser, which removes any remaining residue like sweat and dirt.


Exfoliating is essential for glowing skin because it removes the uneven, old dead skin cells that clog the skin, which can result in dull, blemished and rough skin. When you exfoliate you uncover the healthy skin barrier protecting the fresh new skin cells underneath. More good news, exfoliating also allows all the moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into your skin.


Just like in your morning Korean skincare routine, toning removes any last residue and preps your skin to absorb the next skincare treatments to their fullest potential.


As in the morning, use essences, serums and ampoules to treat specific issues. However, your evening treatments can be different than your morning treatments. This step is all about finding the best treatments for your unique skin. Also, one to two times a week, give yourself an at-home spa treatment by using a sheet mask. Sheet masking provides a wonderfully concentrated ‘soaked-in’ treatment of essences and serums. Apply these single-use masks for 15-20 minutes for maximum benefits.


During the evening, we recommend a thicker moisturize than your morning routine. During the night, your skin has beneficial hours to soak in deep hydration. For even more luxurious hydration, use a sleeping pack two to three times a week either in addition to, or in place of your normal moisturizer. And don’t forget eye cream to keep fine lines, puffiness and wrinkles at bay.

Eye cream: Always tap or dab lightly; never rub.

Moisturizer: Once applied, keep your palms covering your cheeks for a minute, the heat generated from this motion will ensure full absorption. 

Sleep Pack: These no-rinse packs keep skin super-charged and deeply hydrated while you sleep. 

At Ohlolly, we spend countless hours researching, testing, and carefully curating the very best Korean skincare products for each step, and it's our promise to keep pursuing the latest and greatest the market has to offer. We want you to have the best skin possible. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help at hello@ohlolly.com.