On The Road Again

Summer Skincare By Destination

The long (l o n g) awaited summer travel season is upon us! We're just as ready as you are to get back out there and explore somewhere new. Skincare for the journey should be a balance of practical + TLC, so below we're sharing how to pack to give your skin a vacation, too.

Destination: Desert

If you're headed to the desert...

Dry, hot, wild. The desert is endlessly inspiring but can also be seriously taxing on your skin. Bring along a non-drying cleanser that also removes any dead skin cells, an oil-balancing mist to keep moisture levels high, this buildable essence that can double as a moisturizer, and a nightly treatment mask to maximize regeneration.


Destination: Beach

If you're headed to the beach...

Sunny, salty, sandy. A beach day is the prime summer spot that can easily deplete your skin. Use a mild exfoliating cleanser to cleanse the skin without being harsh. Restore hydration (several times during the day!) with this glowy mist.

Add a layer of this soothing ampoule to cool irritation or redness, then apply this lightweight cream to replenish moisture without weighing down the skin. And of course, don't forget a great sunscreen and an aloe mask, if things get a little crispy.


Destination: City

If you're headed to a city...

Buzz, energy, excitement. It's always fun to explore a new city, but your skin may need a minute to adjust. (Especially if behind a mask for hours in public transport.)

Use this oil-to-bubble cleanser twice to double cleanse and easily dissolve makeup, dirt and grime. Revitalize the skin with this nourishing toner/treatment that also protects from urban pollution, and follow with a calming day ampoule to treat any irritation. Some acne patches are also wise for any unexpected breakouts!


If you have any questions, we're just an email away at hello@ohlolly.com, please feel free to reach out to us!