6 Creative Ways to Use a Toner

6 Creative Ways to Use a Toner

It's never a bad idea to sneak more hydration into your skincare routine, especially this time of year. Toners are one of our favorite multipurpose products because they come in an array of textures, applications and use diverse star ingredients.

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Here are some quick refreshers on how to put them to work.

1. Use in lieu of a morning cleanse.

If you've loaded up your skin with product at night, then sometimes in the morning you won't feel the need to double cleanse. (Especially if you have drier skin.) Toners work great to revive the skin instead. Use once to refresh your face, then swipe again to use as a toner.

Ohlolly recommendation: Toun28 pH Balancing Toner

2. Hydration post-cleansing.

This is the classic use for toners, but we're including it as a reminder to try out the 7 Skin Method if you never have. The nature of toners makes them easy to layer. Applying multiple layers or "skins" can be a shortcut to dewier, plumper skin.

Ohlolly recommendation: Dr. Ceruacle Vegan Kombucha Essence

3. Add to cotton pads as a DIY sheet mask.

Brand name sheet masks are great, but did you know you can make your own too? Simply soak a few cotton pads with your favorite nourishing toner and drape them over your face the same way you would a sheet mask. Leave on until dry and pat in any remaining liquid.

Ohlolly recommendation: Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pads + Cosrx Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner

4. Use as a placeholder step. 

Maybe it's after a bath or your favorite workout class. We all have those times when we want to wash our face but maybe not dive into our full AM or PM routine just yet. Here's a pro tip: After cleansing, apply a layer or two of toner to hold your skin over until you're ready for the rest of your products.

Ohlolly recommendation: Olivarrier Dual Mist Toning Lotion

5. Mix with bentonite clay powder.

This is another favorite DIY. For an at-home mask, mix some bentonite clay powder (great for balancing oil production and removing impurities from pores) with your favorite toner to form a paste. Unlike water, toners add an extra boost of nutrients to help with hydration, boost antioxidants or more deeply soothe the skin.

Ohlolly recommendation: Haruharu WONDER Black Rick Hyaluronic Toner

6. Use as a midday (or early morning) pick me up.

Toners in mist form have to be one of the greatest inventions for summer skin. We love spritzing on a toner first thing if waking up early (quicker than coffee!) and especially while traveling, poolside or at the beach.

Ohlolly recommendation: Sioris Falling Into the Rose Mist

Skincare shouldn't feel like a chore. This is your reminder to think outside the box this summer and get creative with your routine. For more specialized product suggestions, or if you have any questions, reach out to us at any time at hello@ohlolly.com!