REVIEW: Kicho's Camelia Sleeping Pack

REVIEW: Kicho's Camelia Sleeping Pack

My skin has been going crazy lately due to the sudden weather changes in Los Angeles. It's been super dry, flakey, and I would get the occasional pimple. On top of that, I ran out of my skincare products, so I was in need of something to help my skin retain its moisture. That's when I came across this product, Camelia Sleeping Pack on Ohlolly. Before anything, can we all just admire the packaging? The flower wreath on the white box is a great accent and doesn't take away from their logo/company's name. It's overall one of the most gorgeous packagings I've ever seen.

My Thoughts:
Now moving on, this product is super effective. I've been using this consistently for several days, and I am truly happy with my results. The texture of this product is between a thick lotion and body butter(not as thick though). When you first apply this product, it'll feel really heavy on your face, but that feeling dissipates after a minute or so. Usually, when I use thick textured products such as this, it'll leave my skin feeling oily and heavy all night. However, with this product, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft, and NOT OILY.

The downside of the product is the smell. I don't really know how to describe the smell. It smells like a cross between soap and flowers? I do not like the smell.

About the Brand & Ohlolly:
Kicho in Korean means "basic." The company's philosophy is to bring back the basics of skincare. They use natural ingredients such as minerals, plant placenta, etc while avoiding harsh chemicals that are found in a lot of our skincare products today.

Ohlolly is an online k-beauty store located in Los Angeles, CA. They are authorized dealers for the brands they carry and research each product extensively. Also, when you order, you get a lot of samples!

Directions(my way):
Wash your face very thoroughly using a good cleanser.
Apply a toner.
Apply a good amount of Camelia Sleeping Pack (around the size of a nickel).
Sleep! :)

By Helenxyang