A K-beauty enthusiast discovers her new favorite brand

A K-beauty enthusiast discovers her new favorite brand

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Fall is here! And while Southern California rarely feels the changing seasons, we Angelenos have always had a thing for daily skincare, especially when it comes to protecting our skin. In addition to our love for wellness and unique sense of style, we have created our own version of the K-beauty craze.

As someone who's lived in Los Angeles her whole life, going for natural ingredients has always been a thing, not only in beverages but also skincare. Follow along my skincare journey and what inspired me to venture out in trying new products, even with my sensitive skin.

Ohlolly Fall Korean Skincare Routine Benton 3I first learned about Korean skincare during college. At the time a friend of mine was raving about how her skin had improved and recommended that I give Korean skincare a try. At first I was a bit hesitant since I thought my skin was fine. I had a good skincare routine that covered my basic needs such as cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and handling my hormonal breakouts here and there. But it all changed when I tried my first Korean skincare samples.

After trying a few Innisfree, Skinfood, and Laneige samples, I instantly became a K-beauty fan. I definitely noticed a massive improvement in my skin within that month, and results were positively refreshing. Fast forward a couple of years later and a solid 5-step skincare, you can say the rest is history.

Ohlolly Fall Korean Beauty Skincare Routine 6From watching YouTube K-beauty vloggers to reading skincare sites, I continuously scour the web for affordable skincare with fast shipping. This led me to stumble upon Ohlolly. I love how Ohlolly has a sincere philosophy in curating brands and products on their website. 

Ohlolly’s thoughtfully curated brands led me to try Benton Cosmetics. Right off the bat, I loved how Benton Cosmetics covers all skin types. In addition, Benton aims for natural ingredients over parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, and other chemicals that may cause harm to your skin. For the past month my skin has suffered a lot from stress against the unusually humid then back to desert-dry SoCal weather, but thankfully my skin has actually improved by using Benton Cosmetics. 

So, let’s get started!

Ohlolly Fall Korean Beauty Skincare Routine 4


I start off by using the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I know, this is not from Ohlolly. But I’ve got my eye on the All Clean Balm when I’m through with this cleanser. Anyhow, the Milky Jelly cleanser is mild and cleans up dirt or residue. I typically use warm water first to clean, removing any dirt or dead skin that may get clogged into my pores. 

Afterwards, I go for something a little bit more vigorous by using Benton's Honest Cleansing Foam to wash off any impurities that I've missed. In this step, I rinse with cold water, which tightens and closes my pores. What I really liked about the Benton cleansing foam is that my skin feels squeaky clean and that my sensitive skin doesn’t have any reaction such as redness, dryness or tightness after cleansing. 

While it may be a drag for some, double cleansing has been one of my important steps, especially when getting rid of my sunscreen and makeup after a long day of work.

One of the reasons why I stick to double-cleansing is because it’s been taming my current skin concerns such as having irritated dry skin and hormonal breakouts on my chin and forehead. 

Ohlolly Fall Korean Beauty Skincare Routine 5


When toning, I initially used the First Aid Beauty Radiance pads, but now I've moved on to my new favorite, the Benton Honest TT Mist. Its main ingredient, tea tree leaf water, helps repair and improve damaged skin. While I love using this mist as a toner in my regular routine, I use it whenever my skin feels irritated, angry or super dry. The anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients help calm and take away any redness. Not only is the mist light, it is also very easy to apply. Just a spritz on your face and a gentle pat allows the ingredients to soak in. Two big thumbs up for this one.


Right after toning, I use my current favorite, the Benton Fermentation Essence. It adds extra moisture to the skin and helps create a stronger skin foundation in the long run. It also contains active ingredients that are great for anti-aging, and with that, I must tell you my skin is noticeably smoother and brighter.

Ohlolly Fall Korean Beauty Skincare Routine 6


These are concentrated treatments with active ingredients that easily penetrate the skin. Not only do they help keep your skin refreshed, they also work as an extra boost in nourishing your skin along with your go-to moisturizer. I tend to choose something natural, like the Innisfree green tea oil serum in the morning and the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule in the evening. Think of this step as an additional upgrade to keeping your skin dewy throughout the day.


Knowing that skin around the eyes will be the first sign of aging, I am a firm believer of using eye cream. And I fell in love with the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream. It has a very rich and thick consistency out of the tube but it soaks right in. After just a couple of weeks of regular use, I noticed the skin around my eyes looking plump and smooth. This definitely is a stand-out product along with my other favorite, TT Mist.

Ohlolly Fall Korean Beauty Skincare Routine 7


Find a moisturizer that best helps your skin type. Currently, I've been really into the Benton Snail Bee High Content Lotion as my moisturizer since I need extra moisture for my dry skin. This helps prep my skin prior to applying my makeup primer or BB cream.

The application is just as important in any part of your skincare. I tend to give my face a mini facial massage as I apply the moisturizer. Massaging helps your face's overall texture and color, and helps tone the face muscles and tighten loose skin. 

Ohlolly Fall Korean Beauty Skincare Routine 8

While all of these products are wonderful for skincare, it all goes down to taking care of your skin's needs. Focusing on your skincare is just as important as your health and lifestyle. With Benton Cosmetics, regaining your skin’s original, healthy condition is simple and easy. 

Want to update your skincare routine? Check out Ohlolly.com for more curated products.

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Post & Photos contributed by Aimee Dizon
Aimee is a photographer, writer, and a K-beauty enthusiast. A traveler by heart, this multi-cultured Angeleno hopes to capture the realness of all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and the little things in between. Follow her adventures via Instagram or her blog, Rhythm and Rouge