An Ode to Oil: Why It's a Good Idea For Any Skin Type

An Ode to Oil: Why It's a Good Idea For Any Skin Type

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These days, oil is a skincare buzzword. From combating oily skin to avoiding oily foods to discovering the health benefits of essential oils, there’s a lot to learn about oil!

I’ve struggled with acne my whole life, creating a pretty tumultuous relationship with oil. Sometimes, my skin has felt Little-Caesar’s-greasy. Other times, after one too many rounds of benzoyl peroxide or other acne-fighting products, my skin has been a dry, chafed Sahara. Thankfully, Korean beauty has taught me to love oil -- not the pizza kind (although I do love that kind too, shh!), but the forgiving, balancing, right-for-my-skin-type kind. After all, it's the lipid (oil) content of the skin that contributes to it looking youthful and supple.

So, as an ode to oil, and because not all skin types are created equal, I’ve compiled a list of proven, oil-based products for every type of skin. Here it is, my love list of oils:

For Dry Skin

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than dry skin. Whether your skin feels brittle and rough or itchy and irritated, the Urang Glow Oil Serum is the perfect boost of antioxidants and nutrients. Sunflower, jojoba, and sweet almond oils repair and nourish skin, citrus flower oil fights free radicals, and chamomile flower oil brightens and evens the skin in an oil extravaganza to get your skin back to its lush, moisturized glow.

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Ohlolly Urang Blue Oil Serum

For Sensitive Skin

It’s good to be sensitive, but not when it comes to your skin! Urang's Brightening Blue Oil Serum is a masterful blend of green tea seed oil, German chamomile oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), and alpha-bisabolol. That’s right, just four ingredients!

Green tea seed and German chamomile oils brighten, even out, heal, and protect the skin without being overbearing. Not only is it free of synthetic fragrances, chemicals or other harmful additives, but the German chamomile oil also makes it a beautiful shade of BLUE. What’s not to love?!

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Ohlolly Hyggee All In One Balance Essence

For Dehydrated Skin

Dehydration produces dull, lackluster skin and even excessive oil production. Luckily, this is easily dealt with (dehydrated skin is a condition, not a skin type, after all!). The Huxley Oil Essence strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier with antioxidant and vitamin-rich ingredients like prickly pear seed to provide lasting hydration and nourishment.

Confused about the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? Check out this Ohlolly blog post!

Also try: Urang True Rose Repair Essence or Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum's the lipid (oil) content of the skin that contributes to it looking youthful and supple.

For Oily/Acne-prone Skin

If the thought of oil makes your acne-prone skin shudder, fear no longer!

The Pyunkang Yul Oil provides antioxidant protection with a rich combination of jojoba, sunflower, geranium, and rosemary oils. This is a lightweight oil, so it will leave your skin feeling hydrated and restored without the greasy, heavy feeling of a thicker oil.

Also try: Sioris Time is Running Out Mist

Ohlolly HaruHaru Wonder Black Rice Oil

For Combination Skin

If reading this list makes you say, “I sort of relate to all of these,” then you may have combination skin. If so, the Olivarrier Fluid Oil Squalane is right up your alley. It's made with 100% olive squalane, which is an oil similar to the natural sebum your face produces. Because of this, almost everyone can benefit from this oil -- it’s gentle, moisturizing, and protective, helping your skin maintain its natural oil balance while staying hydrated and fresh.

Also try: Urang Vitamin Oil Serum

Ohlolly Urang Glow Oil Serum

For Mature Skin

Ahh aging, the great equalizer. Thankfully, HaruHaru WONDER Black Rice Facial Oil gives you a leg (or should I say face?) up to help age gracefully. Black rice protects the skin against free radicals (IE: UV rays, pollution, etc) and encourages new skin cell growth, while jojoba, sweet almond, sunflower seed, and lavender oils promote elasticity and soothe irritation.

Whether you’re 18 or 80, this lightweight oil leaves your skin glowing and radiant. Read more about this versatile anti-aging line in this Ohlolly blog post!

Also try: Urang Pink Everlasting Ampoule or Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule

Redefining what oil means to you and finding a love for good oils can be a game-changer in your skincare routine. I know it was for me.

Oil is a word that comes with so many connotations, but they don’t all have to be negative!

While I don’t always have perfect skin, I do have skin that I know and love. I know how to protect it and I know how to treat it, when necessary, using the right oils. So when I do get the occasional greasy pizza craving, I eat that pizza free of guilt. Because, at the right time and with the right amount for me, oil is always a good choice.

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Written by Anna @ Ohlolly
Anna at Ohlolly