Beyond the Beauty: Alison

Beyond the Beauty: Alison

If skincare is self care, then there are truly infinite ways for a routine to look. We love chatting with the enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the beauty industry -- and beyond -- to learn how they interpret K-beauty and make it work for them.

Meet Alison Segel. Alison is a friend of Ohlolly, a true crime podcaster, life coach and reiki practitioner from Los Angeles. She focuses on physical and emotional healing while helping individuals find their own sense of balance. Welcome, Alison!

Ohlolly Beyond the Beauty: Ali Segel

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into your field?

My grandmother was a reiki master and a spiritualist, so I was introduced to the idea of holistic wellness at a very young age. She actually used to take me to Reiki classes when I was in Kindergarten. I got my degree at USC in elementary education, and it's always been a guiding principle of mine to give back and be of service in some way. I taught for about five years and was eventually ready to move on.

Ohlolly Beyond the Beauty: Ali Segel

A big turning point in my life was getting sober and being in recovery. I was able to work with women, many who have been through serious trauma. As I myself delved into different healing modalities to make myself feel better, during quarantine I decided to get certified in life coaching, EFT tapping, breathwork, and reiki so that I could start working with women who needed it in a more official capacity.

In a true-crime-driven career, what do you do to unwind?

    I also have a true crime podcast called Web Crawlers. While it's more comedic true crime, my job coaching can also get heavy. I have to prioritize Me time, because you can't help anyone else if you're pouring from an empty well.

    Ohlolly Beyond the Beauty: Ali Segel

    One of my goals is to do something fun every day. I try to act like a kid as much as I can and just stay in awe of things. I get a lot of Thai massages, I love going to botanical gardens, and I also have an infrared sauna blanket by HigherDose that I use a few times a week that helps me relax. I wish I could say I work out, but napping is more my vibe.

    One of my goals is to do something fun every day. I try to act like a kid as much as I can and just stay in awe of things.

    Tell us about "Wellness for Weirdos." How would you define wellness in today's culture?

    Wellness definitely has a stigma. There are a lot of scammers out there. You can't cure an illness with essential oils, "manifestation" is a confusing idea, a lot of people are uncertified, and suddenly every white woman whose parents pay her rent is a Shaman. I'm acutely aware of that.

    I always make it clear to my clients that I do not cure or heal. Anything I do should be an addition to therapy or medical treatment, not an alternative. My job is just to support without judgment and ask the right questions that might bring wounds or areas that need healing to light. And then I can co-create an action plan with my client and be available for accountability and insight.

    Ohlolly Beyond the Beauty: Ali Segel

    How has social media impacted your career over the years (for better or worse)? 

    I've been very fortunate to have a positive relationship with social media. Most of my best friends are people I've met off social media who have been in the same career space as me. I've also used it for networking to get jobs, and it's how most of my clients find me.

    Social media is not inherently bad or good, like everything in life — it's your relationship to it and what you allow and don't allow.

    Ohlolly Beyond the Beauty: Ali Segel

    What (if anything) was your introduction into Korean skincare? Do you have any K-beauty favorites?

      Ohlolly is my favorite and only Ohlolly!!! I have the Vegan Kombucha Essence by Dr. Ceuracle and it's incredible. I feel like it helps me skip several steps in my skincare routine and leaves me feeling dewy, fresh, clean, smoother, and younger. From the first time I used it.

      What do you look for in a good skin care product?

        Affordability, results, and ease of use. I'm one of those people who sleeps in their makeup sometimes, so I know I'm not going to do a 20-step skincare routine. Give me two steps that work. I can start there!

        Dr. Ceuracle's Vegan Kombucha Essence helps me skip several steps in my skincare routine and leaves me feeling dewy, fresh, clean, smoother, and younger.

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        Do you have any too-good-not-to-share skincare hacks (could be for travel, daily routine, anything…)?

        Honestly, just moisturize. My mom never talked to me about skincare stuff growing up. I genuinely didn't realize you were supposed to wear moisturizer until I was like, 25. Which seems insane  I am definitely a newbie to the skincare space.

        Also, really investigate the people who are going do your botox and be OK saying no to any ideas these people have (because one time this aesthetician made me look really crazy).

        How have you been taking care of yourself these past few months? What does your ideal day of self-care look like?

        All the ways I discussed before, but I have also taken up gardening! I am bad at it and all my plants die, but I love being outside and making the attempt.

        Thanks for chatting, Alison! We love your goal to have fun every day and stay in awe of things. It's amazing how the simplest of things can be so inspirational.

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