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Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

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In today’s world of oils, balms and foams, it can be easy to forget that humble bar soap is the OG cleanser. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re drying or less hygienic. Or, maybe you’re just not convinced that they’re as effective as everything else out there.

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Good news. The bar soap is back (though, to be fair, it never really left) thanks to the innovative K-beauty brand Toun28 Their bars not only work wonderfully, but they also smell amazing and have beautiful, sustainable packaging you’ll want to keep out on display. We’re detailing bar soap’s many skin-loving benefits and more reasons to make the switch below.

1. Concentration of Ingredients

When dealing with a liquid cleanser of any kind, where there’s water, there are preservatives – and usually chemicals, surfactants and other irritants. Chances are, if you run down the ingredient list on the back of a plastic bottle, you’ll probably see one or two “hero” ingredients and stabilizers that make up the bulk.

Not so with bars. In most cases, the primary ingredient will be sodium hydroxide that will rinse out if properly formulated. This leaves bubbles, hydrating glycerin, and any star ingredients behind to better work their magic dissolving dirt and oil while nourishing your face. When it comes to Toun28, instead of cleansing with gobs of watered-down goo, you’re using potent, plant-based ingredients, many of which the brand has farmed itself. If trying to adopt a clean(er) lifestyle, then bars help streamline exactly what you’re putting on your skin… and washing off.

To Try: Toun28’s S10 Ceramide Face Bar or​​ S5 Guaiazulene + Olive Oil Face Bar

2. Gentle and Sensory

One of the biggest drawbacks to bar soaps in the past was the mush factor. When not manufactured well, that previously solid bar often turned to soapy soup in its holder. Toun28 has perfected just the opposite: a low pH, non-drying, naturally-scented bar that’s every bit as indulgent as your primo liquid cleanser.

Cold-pressed to keep its shape, their bars lather easily and work best when you foam in your hands first, then massage into your face as you cleanse. Compared to a gel or oil, bar soaps feel much more experiential when washing, making them a great way to elevate your everyday routine.

And if you’re worried about bacteria, don’t be. While bacteria can live on a bar’s surface, studies show that soap is unlikely to contaminate users. It’s still a good idea to keep your body soap to yourself, but if it smells as good as this one, it’s likely you won’t want to share anyway.

To Try: Toun28’s S12 Evening Primrose Face Bar or S1 Rose-Hip and Jojoba Oil Face Bar

3. Better for the Planet

Consider this: Ten million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean each year. In the United States alone, over 550 million plastic shampoo bottles are tossed annually, and that’s saying nothing about conditioners. Bar soaps are an incredibly practical way to keep the planet in mind. Often packaged without plastic containers, they are easier to ship (and less expensive than liquid) and dissolve into nothing for less waste – and less harm.

Toun28’s shampoo and conditioner bars are formulated with a lather that holds its own against any liquid. Plus, they use natural ingredients like nourishing spirulina and clarifying kelp extract to keep your scalp healthy and hair naturally soft and shiny. Pop their magnetic soap holder into the shower and be amazed at how long one bar will last, even if you have long hair.

To Try: Toun28’s S19 Baobab Oil Shampoo Bar or Vitamin C Conditioner Bar

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In summary, it’s simple switches like these that help make cleaner, more sustainable lifestyles effortless in the long-run. Start off slowly; maybe exfoliate with a body bar or swap in a facial bar during your double cleanse. See how you like it, then keep coming back for more! Shop all of Toun28 here at Ohlolly.com!