Beyond the Beauty: Felicia

Beyond the Beauty: Felicia

The skincare community is vast and complex -- because people are vast and complex! Ohlolly talks with some of our favorite skincare enthusiasts and beauty influencers about the ins, outs, ups and downs of beauty. We discuss their skincare journeys, changes in the industry, and of course, their beauty tips and tricks.

Today, we talk with Felicia from Felicia is a digital content creator and skin care enthusiast, and a fellow Angeleno. She shares about finding the perfect product for your skin type, inspiring brands, and at-home skin tips and self-care that we are here for. Hi, Felicia!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Felicia, and I’m an avid skincare enthusiast living in Los Angeles! I’m currently pursuing a graduate degree in medical research, but I’m also passionate about all things beauty-related.

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Content creating has turned into something that is part of my self-care routine. I enjoy tapping into my creative side, and it’s exciting when I’m able to share my photos and videos. I always strive to be genuine and authentic with what I create, and it makes me happy when people can relate to me and my love for skincare and makeup. 

How would define your skincare journey?

My skincare journey started in 6th grade, when my friend told me I could cleanse my face with body wash. After I washed my face, I didn’t like how the body soap left my skin feeling dry and tight. I remember thinking that I should just stick to my mom’s Neutrogena face wash. After that experience, I started to experiment with skincare. And since I had access to my mom’s face products in our refrigerator, I decided to use them without her knowing. I took mental notes on how each of the products made my skin feel. I reacted badly to some, but there were a couple products that felt really nice on my skin.

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Fast forward a few years, and after hitting puberty, my skin changed A LOT. I had mild acne in high school. I would save up for, buy, and experiment with acne products. You name it; I’ve tried it! It wasn’t until I finally saw a dermatologist for cystic acne as an adult that I asked her which product she would recommend for my oily skin. She suggested that perhaps my skin was oily because I was using a lot of unnecessarily harsh acne products. It was an eye opening conversation for me. So I switched out my whole skincare routine for a more calming and gentle one, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in regards to my skin.

What is your relationship like with the skincare community?

I absolutely love the skincare community. My interactions with the skincare community, so far, have been nothing but positive. I enjoy engaging with other skincare junkies and sharing what has worked for our skin and what has not. I love reading honest reviews about products and seeing all the creative ways people share their passion for skincare. 

The skincare community is also a great resource for highlighting the gaps within the industry. I think that it’s important for brands to listen and pay attention to them.

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    What's your take on the term “Skincare Influencer?”

      I’ve never really thought of myself as any type of an “influencer.” It started with me sharing my knowledge about skin care with my close family and friends. And slowly over time, they started asking me for advice and skincare product recommendations. I then noticed how rewarding helping others is and I wanted to do more. I don’t mind the term “influencer,” but I still don’t think I am one. I think of myself as someone that people trust about skin care!

        What sort of changes to the industry have you seen over the years (for better or worse)?

          There have been so many amazing changes to the industry! There are so many skincare lines for sensitive skin now, which I didn’t see much of before. And I’ve been loving gentle formulas from brands that don't irritate my skin.

          I also appreciate that brands are becoming more and more sustainable, clean, transparent, and inclusive. So much effort and thought has gone into skincare products that can work for a wide range of diverse consumers.

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            Who (if anyone) has anyone influenced your interest in the skincare/beauty industry?

              Susan Yara! When I came across her page, I immediately binged on her Youtube videos. I’ve learned so much from her and I’m grateful that she’s teaching people how to do skin care properly. I’m always learning something new from her, and I look forward to her content every time she releases a new video!

                Which brands are you following right now that have been inspiring to you? Why?

                  I’m obsessed with brands like Beauty Pie, Naturium, Live Tinted, Paula’s Choice, and Nola Skinsentials. These brands are women-owned and they are all killing the game! They inspire me in different ways.

                  Beauty Pie and Naturium remind me that I can afford quality skincare products without the price tag. And Live Tinted constantly encourages me to be more comfortable in my own skin and to embrace my skin tone for what it is. Paula’s Choice inspires me to educate myself on skincare ingredients and know what I’m putting on my skin. Last but not least, I’m inspired by Nola Skinsentials because it affirms me in that I deserve fresh, vegan skincare products.

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                    What's one of your tried & true favorite products?

                      I would say my favorite tried and true product is my PMD Clean Pro! I use it daily. It keeps my skin feeling so smooth and fresh. I can use it with any cleanser product for the cleaning brush side and then any serum or moisturizer for the heating side. I don’t think I can live without it!

                        Do you have any too-good-not-to-share skincare hacks?

                          I think the only hack I have in my back pocket is to have an extraction facial a couple weeks before a big event. I say a couple weeks because it takes time for your skin to heal, but once it does, you will look FLAWLESS. My mom recommended this trick to me and I thought it wasn’t going to be anything special, but I was wrong. An extraction facial gets rid of almost every impurity and the results are phenomenal.

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                            How have you been taking care of yourself these past few months? What does your ideal day of self-care look like?

                              I have been taking care of myself these past few months by trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been trying my best to eat clean, healthy meals and exercise 3-4 times a week. I’ve actually started jogging and I’m enjoying it. Other forms of self-care include reading (I love a good novel!) and practicing gratitude each day to remind myself there is much to be grateful for. I read uplifting and encouraging quotes to remind me what to be grateful for each day.

                              My ideal day of self-care would start with my morning skincare routine and a fresh, smooth cup of coffee, made by my husband. Then I would eat breakfast and go for a walk in Griffith Park. Around noon, I would have time to read a good book and relax with ginger tea. I would then play with my two cats! They’re so much fun and I absolutely love spending time with them. In the evening, I would exercise and cook dinner with my husband. I would end my day watching an episode of Frasier and finish with doing my nighttime skincare routine.

                              Thanks for chatting, Felicia! A day filled with good food, great skin care, and snuggly cats is all we need :-)

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