2020 Gifting Guide for Everyone on Your List

2020 Gifting Guide for Everyone on Your List

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Let’s end this year on a festive note--it’s gifting time! And while your actual mode of gift exchange might look a little bit different than in years past, there’s really no wrong way to say, “I’m thankful for you” or “You deserve this” or, simply, “Happy Holidays.”

Anyone can feel special with skincare, and we’ve pulled together some of our favorite giftable products to prove it. Whether you’re shopping for the ultimate skincare maven or someone happy with a single bar of soap, let this be your one-stop shopping guide to getting everything done.

Reminder: Have fun!!!

For Faraway Family 

And for the ones near by, Mom, Dad, Gran or sibs...

Ohlolly K-beauty Blog Holiday 2020 Gift Guide
  1. Ohlolly Discovery Kit VI - A complete kit for restoring glow.
  2. Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask - The next best thing to a good night's sleep.
  3. Sioris Time Is Running Out Mist - This will make anyone a believer in the mist.
  4. Missha Safe Block Sun Milk - On the go hydration that doesn't skip protection.
  5. iUnik Gift Set - To calm stress and clear up the rest.

PS. Did you know we offer affordable gift wrapping? It's the best way to save even more time and extra-personify your gift.

For Favorite Friends 

Your BFF definitely deserves a treat this year.

Ohlolly K-beauty Blog Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

  1. Dr. Ceuracle VC Mellight Ampoule Set - Spa-like remedy for dull or distressed skin.
  2. Celimax Noni Ampoule - Truly complexion superfood. Plus, the texture is a dream.
  3. Neogen Peeling Wine Gauze - Just like wine, but better for the skin.
  4. Urang Cica Soothing Ampoule - All natural, extra gentle, highly plumping.
  5. Repair and Restore Kit - Five full-sized, forever favorite products that gift the glow.

For Gifting Anyone

From neighbors to the nanny, these are easy pleasers.

Ohlolly K-beauty Blog Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

  1. Heimish All Clean Balm - The cleanser that revolutionizes cleansing. (Really.)
  2. Haruharu Wonder Bamboo Mist - A must for anyone's bag.
  3. Huxley Hand Creams - Subtle scents elevate these from functional to luxurious.
  4. Torreya Lime & Lemongrass Bar - So lovely, you won't even need to wrap.
  5. Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner - Their skin didn't know what it was missing, until now.

For the (Remote) Office Gift Exchange 

And the best part? No video required.

Ohlolly K-beauty Blog Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

  1. Pyunkang Yul ATO Wash + Lotion Set - Great from head to toe.
  2. WONDER Black Rice Toner - Refreshment to calm winter skin.
  3. Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Hand Cream - A reward for all that typing.
  4. Sioris Make It Bright Sheet Masks - For instantly brighter skin, naturally.
  5. Ohlolly E-Gift Card - To let them treat themselves.

For Stocking Stuffers

Just the right size for something extra.

Ohlolly K-beauty Blog Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

  1. Benton Aloe Soothing Gel - The green to skin's red this season.
  2. Etti Hair Band - Because one can never have too many.
  3. Cle Melting Lip Powders - Eyes, lips and cheeks, covered.
  4. Laneige Sleeping Mask - It has a following for a reason.
  5. Milk Mask - A moisture moment packed with benefits.

Need even more gifting help? Reach out to us at hello@ohlolly.com with all your additional questions. Happy Holidays!