What 5 Weeks of Double Cleansing Did For My Skin

What 5 Weeks of Double Cleansing Did For My Skin

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I don’t know about you, but safer-at-home made my consistent skincare routine take a turn towards the non-existent. I took advantage of the free time wearing less makeup, trying new products, treating my skin at odd hours of the day thinking I’d mastered the at-home facial. But instead of improving my skin, these inconsistencies caused random flare-ups. That, on top of wearing my face mask in 90-degree weather, made my skin a cesspool of clogged pores and under-the-surface buildup.

I decided to return to the basics: I picked Dr. Ceuracle’s Cleansing Oil and Tea Tree Cleansing Foam as a double cleanse duo for my combination, acne-prone skin. I also picked up Dr. Ceuracle’s Jeju Matcha Clay Mask Pack to target and de-congest those troubled areas of my skin. Let’s hope they work!

Week 1

I am one week into my Dr. Ceuracle double cleanse routine. I’ve never consistently or purposefully used two cleansers in my routine, so it’s been nice having some skincare stability.

Dr Ceuracle Double Cleansing Blog

The first cleanser gently and efficiently removes my makeup (and/or sunscreen, etc.), and the second cleanser purifies and clarifies my skin. I’m not quite used to the oil texture of the cleansing oil (it makes my acne-prone skin nervous!) and the cleansing foam doesn’t leave my skin feeling “squeaky clean,” but I’m starting to wonder if I need to redefine what cleansers can do for my skin. I’ve always been more inclined to use exfoliators and cleansers that dry out my skin, thinking that they clean more thoroughly.

But one week in and I certainly notice longer-lasting hydration. My skin doesn’t feel as tight, and I don’t feel the need to wash my face in the mornings like I used to (I’ve started just splashing with water!). I haven’t noticed any major changes yet, but I’m feeling hopeful.

Week 2

My skin is feeling a little more clogged than usual this week, but I am noticing a softness that wasn’t there before. I added a new serum to my routine recently that my skin didn’t love, so it’s hard to tell what is working and what’s not (don’t try too many new products at once, kids!).

Dr. Ceuracle ProBalance Oil Cleanser

However, I am enjoying the double cleanse process. It’s a nice way to wind down at the end of a long day, and Dr. Ceuracle’s cleansers are gentle while tackling tough debris and acne. Now my skin feels hydrated all day long, and even the acne that’s still there appears smaller, more surface level, and more manageable. It’s easy to get fed up when you don’t see immediately perfect results, but Dr. Ceuracle’s reviews are so good that I’m determined to push through and see what Week 3 will bring!

Week 3

They say it takes 15 days to make a habit stick. My third week in, and I’m starting to really enjoy the double cleanse process with Dr. Ceuracle. The changing weather, masks, and seasonal stress are doing their best to break me out, but Dr. C works harder. Both of these cleansers are so gentle, I’ve been skeptical that they’re even really “cleansing.” But when the day has taken a toll on my face between makeup, sunscreen, air pollution, and sun damage a gentle cleanse is the perfect way to self-care-with-skin-care.

The cleansing oil smoothly and quickly removes any debris, and the cleansing foam both cleanses and treats my skin. I’ve always been a tea tree fan for its antibacterial, acne-fighting properties, so including that into my cleansing (as well as my treatment products) is an added bonus for my acne-prone skin. Plus, the foam uses tea tree essence, which is less harsh/concentrated than the extract I used to use, so my skin feels softer and clearer without the intensity of my typical tea tree treatment a win all around!

Dr. Ceuracle Tea Tree Foam Cleanser

Week 4

I used to be a diehard exfoliation fan. I didn’t feel clean unless it felt like I’d removed at least one layer of skin every night. What I’m now realizing is that “cleansing” is more than just a clean face. It’s a purifying process that not just removes dirt, but also prepares my skin for the next steps in my routine.

My skin feels noticeably softer after double cleansing for a month, and products I’ve been using for ages seem to be making more of a difference, simply because I am more effectively washing my face at the beginning of my routine!

Ohlolly K-Beauty Double Cleansing Testimonial Blog - Anna

Week 5

I’ll be honest. Throughout this process, I felt like giving up and going back to my old skincare routine. It’s what I’m used to, and I know what kind of results to expect. Trying new products is SCARY! But it’s also rewarding! I’ve learned more about my skin: How it responds, how quickly it responds, where my old routine was lacking -- things I never would have known or cared about before.

While I’ve always been more concerned with the “treatment” portion of my skincare routine, I’ve now learned the importance of a proper double cleanse. And I have clearer, more hydrated skin from this more consistent, more gentle Dr. Ceuracle cleansing process!

Developing a skincare state of mind.

Skin is rarely (if ever) perfect, and my relationship with my skin is as tumultuous as ever. But establishing a clear double cleanse routine has re-framed that relationship. Now I’ve discovered a partnership. My skin and I (with a little help from Dr. Ceuracle) work together, enjoying skin care, rather than doing it out of obligation.

I get excited for my nightly routine, knowing it will relax me and put me in touch with my body. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the face is the home around those windows. And a trip to the doctor (Ceuracle, that is) helped me rediscover a sense of self that I didn’t realize I was missing. AND my skin is clearer and healthier than before, which is outward proof that the inward stuff is working!

Bonus Review!

Dr. Ceuracle’s Jeju Matcha Clay Mask Pack is just plain FUN to use! When my skin feels particularly icky from the day (or if I want an excuse to not move my face for 10 minutes), I’ll lather on a layer of this clay mask to purify and soothe. It’s everything I look for in a clay mask: clarifying, tightening, and refreshing.

Dr. Ceuracle Jeju Matcha Mask Pack

Plus, the jar is HUGE -- I’ve used it frequently (about once a week) for the last month or so and am still barely half-way through the container.

Dr. Ceuracle Matcha Mask Pack

It’s certainly more tailored to acne-prone skin, but it gives me a great excuse to lather up on my favorite oils once I’m finished using it. The acne-prone, oily, and Elphaba-fan alike will love this mask!

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