How to Heal Your Skin at Summer’s End

How to Heal Your Skin at Summer’s End

What does summer fun do to the skin?

It’s a question that prompts many of us to be proactive about wearing hats, sunscreen, and seeking the shade all summer long, but no matter how good our intentions may be, it’s inevitable that those dog days and UV rays will affect our skin during the hottest months of the year.

How, exactly? Keep reading for the major ways summer weather affects our skin + our suggestions for how to do some “damage control” at the season’s end.

Dehydration in Overdrive

Chlorine, salt water, that extra margarita… you name it, your skin will show for it. During the summer your skin is exposed to dehydrating conditions from both the outside and inside, throwing off its pH and making it appear red, flaky, irritated, or feel overly tight.

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How to say “bye-bye” to the dry:

Moisturized skin doesn’t always equate to hydrated skin, so rather than slathering on additional layers of moisturizer, consider switching in a serum to layer between your toner and moisturizer. Serums help penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, holding onto hydration molecules and delivering high concentrations of active ingredients versus using moisturizer alone.

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Discoloration Galore

We don’t just mean tan lines or sunburns. Increased sun exposure during the summer months can cause pigmented patches, broken capillaries, and freckles to seemingly appear out of nowhere. Eczema can also be exacerbated by heat, resulting in itchy rashes and/or patches.

Oh, and let’s not forget about all those lovely bug bites.

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How to balance your tone:

Any kind of hyperpigmentation or change in skin color is a result of inflammation. To treat it, in addition to diligent sunscreen application and prevention in the first place (wink), using products high in glycolic acid and antioxidants -- like vitamins A, C, and E -- can help quicken skin’s healing and correct any uneven patches. Brightening serums are also a good bet, a K-beauty favorite!

Ohlolly recommends:

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The Nightmare of Clogged Pores

Air quality gets worse as temperatures rise, so whether you live in an urban environment or just vacation to one, that combined with public transport, sweat, and makeup creates a perfect storm for clogged pores and their common sidekick, acne and breakouts.

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How to clarify and cleanse:

The end of summer is a perfect time to detox your skin, rebalancing sebum levels and using masks that calm, soothe, and hydrate. Gentle exfoliation, recommended in the evening as step two of your double cleanse, also helps to clear out dead skin cells that have piled up to block pores and hair follicles, as well as prep the skin to better absorb toner, serum, and moisturizer.

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In summary, giving your skin that added bit of TLC as summer winds down will ease the transition into cooler months. No matter the season, paying attention to your skin’s needs and adjusting when necessary is the best way to glow all year long.

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Written by Ziza at Ohlolly

Ziza at Ohlolly