How to Use: Eazel Gel Nails

How to Use: Eazel Gel Nails

Your next night in just got the perfect upgrade. Eazel is an expert way to get semi-cured, 100% gel, salon-worthy nails from the ease of home. Here's an easy How-to Guide for applying and removing your Eazel nails.

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Eazel’s stick-on nail strips are designed to fit your nails perfectly, and stay looking gorgeous for up to two weeks. Six layers of 100% real, salon-quality gels provide a flawless high gloss and lasting shine. Shop HERE.

How to Apply

Step 1: Clean & Prepare your nails

Thoroughly wash your hands and clean your nails with the included prep pad. Let dry.

Thoroughly wash your hands or clean your nails with the prep pad

Pro Tips:
- Maintain your products at room temperature. Warmed strips adhere better on your nails (68F-75F).
File any rough surfaces to make the surface of your nails smooth.
Apply a base coat to protect and strengthen your nails. Let dry completely.
Avoid using moisturizer before or after the application of gels.

Step 2: Pick the size (Find your fit)

Select strip size for each nail. For optimal fit pick a strip size slightly smaller than your nail to avoid making contact with your skin and cuticle.

Eazel Gel Nail How to Use - Pick the size find your fit

Step 3: Apply

Place strip starting at the cuticle line, pressing outward towards the finger tip. Press down firmly on all sides to ensure both are securely adhered.
Press firmly around the edges with the provided wood stick.

How to use Eazel Gel Nails - Trim or file onto nail

Step 4: Trim or File

Trim to flush with your nails with nail scissors or clippers. Use the nail file to smoothen the edges. To remove overhanging strip portions, use nail clippers and a nail file to smooth edges.

Eazel Nails Application How to Use

Pro Tips:
- File vertically downwards to ensure that the gels fully cover the tips of your nails.
- We recommend to file the excess stickers to fit your nail shape before curing to ensure proper adherence.

Step 5: Lamp Cure

Cure under an UV lamp for 45 seconds.

How to Use Eazel Gel Nails - Cure under a UV Lamp

Pro Tips:
- If you feel like your gel sticker is not hard enough, cure them once again.
- Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or LED lights before you cure.
- You may apply top coat for a longer-lasting gel nail experience.
- Avoid contact with water and humid environments for 2-4 hours after application.

How to Remove

Eazel Nail How to Remove

Use a wood stick to gently and slowly lift the nail strip from the corner of the cuticle area. Gradually push the strip off your nail.

Do not peel off with force or in one quick motion.