Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey: Pansy

Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey: Pansy

“I really like supporting a local mom-owned business. Plus, the products work and the price is right.

Meet Pansy, a mama and wife from Los Angeles with the most gorgeous smile. Pansy first heard about Korean beauty a couple years ago and was immediately intrigued by the ingredients, packaging and promises. And when Ohlolly launched, Pansy became one of our first fans. “I really like supporting a local mom owned business,” Pansy says. But what keeps her returning to K-beauty? “The products work and the price is right.” Read on to learn Pansy’s favorite Ohlolly picks, advice for starting a K-beauty skincare routine, plus the one product she swears by when traveling.

OHLOLLY:  Hi, Pansy! First, what is your skin type?
PANSY:  Combo with oily t-zone depending on time of year.

And what are your main skin concerns?
Hydration, hyper-pigmentation and clogged pores. I’m Iranian and have olive skin, so I tan very easily, which means I also get sun spots immediately. Unfortunately I was a sun-worshipping, non-SPF-wearing girl for many years. I’m trying to be better! I also tend to get clogged pores around my chin.

Before K-beauty, what was your typical skincare routine?
Cleanse and moisturize mostly. I’d do a mask every now and then, but I had no idea about acids and toners and essences. The only kind of exfoliation I had ever heard of and used were the physical ones with the little granules.

Ohlolly K-Beauty Journey - Pansy


What are some of your favorite Ohlolly products?
Oh, I have so many! I love the Heimish All Clean Balm because of the way it smells and feels on my face. The Urang Natural Cleansing Oil is amazing as well because it truly cleans the face and leaves zero residue behind. The PKY Essence Toner is another one I love. I give all the credit to this product for my more hydrated skin. I also just started using the Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum and the Cosrx Clear Fit Blemish Cushion. Both are lovely. The Blue Oil feels so nice going on and I like adding it to my moisturizer for some extra umph. I hate foundation, but just a couple swipes of the cushion makes my skin evened out without feeling cakey.

Ohlolly Pansy Urang Cleansing Oil

What is one thing you’ve learned about your skin since using K-beauty? SPF!! What's the point of taking good care of your skin and then letting the sun damage it 12 hours later? I wish my 25-year old self would have known this! My favorite SPFs are Missha, Cosrx and Elta MD.

What does your skincare routine look like now?

AM: Huxley Cleanser, Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner or PKY Essence Toner, Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum, Urang Rose Ceramide Cream, SPF

Ohlolly Pansy Skincare Routines

PM: Urang Natural Cleansing Oil, Huxley Cleanser, Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (usually just on my chin 3x a week), Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner or PKY Essence Toner, Sunday Riley Good Genes, Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum

What is favorite skincare step?
Serum or oil. I also love a good peel and the way my skin feels afterwards. I know it’s successful when my toner glides on like glass.

Urang Blue Oil Serum

You were recently abroad, any tips for caring for your skin while traveling?
Keep it simple and don’t take new products. I feel like my skin always acts a little funky when I travel so I don’t like introducing something new all of a sudden. I usually have some sort of small breakout or a random pimple when I travel so I always take the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches because they take up very little space and they work! Also drink tons and tons of water.

Do you have any advice for those on the fence about jumping into a Korean skincare routine?
Pick a couple products that work with your skin type or concerns and start slowly. Once you have one or two, then you’ll want more.

Lastly, why do you think it’s important to care for your skin?
When I was pregnant, someone told me that our skin is our biggest organ and it kind of blew my mind! I really wanted to take better care of it. Starting a K-beauty routine has really made that a priority for me. I’ve taken the time to figure out what my skin truly needs vs. just getting the next hyped product. Subsequently, my skincare routine has given me something even more important --  a few minutes each day, in the morning and night, to myself. And that might just be the best result of all!

Thanks so much, Pansy!

Ready to start your own K-beauty journey? If you’re new, check out our K-Beauty Glossary to help you navigate the world of Korean skincare and beauty like a pro. Plus we’re always just an email away at hello@ohlolly.com.

Interview & Photos by Kait