Sheet Masks: One of the biggest K-Beauty trends explained

Sheet Masks: One of the biggest K-Beauty trends explained

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Everyone's obsessed with sheet masks. Here's what you need to know. 

Inexpensive, quick, super effective and fun. These are just a few reasons the world is obsessed with the Korean beauty staple known as sheet masks. New versions of this cult-favorite product are popping up daily, but if you’re still confused and overwhelmed, worry not, we’re here to break it all down; how-to’s, important tips, and some new and noteworthy sheet masks. 

Sheet Masks at Ohlolly

What is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask is a one-time use face treatment. The main goal of sheet masks is to add moisture to your skin. However, you can definitely expect other fantastic perks, such as pore care, acne care, brightening and anti-aging benefits. Masks are typically made from cotton fibers or gel-type materials that are soaked in a rich essence. The masks provide a protective barrier between your skin and the outside elements, which allows your skin enough time to fully soak in all the amazing skin-happy ingredients.

How do I use a sheet mask?

At first, using a sheet mask might be a bit awkward to put on, and feel a bit slimy, and (be warned) you’re going to look terrifying. But trust us, it’s all worth it! Here’s a general how-to:

  1. Open the package, pull out the folded mask and carefully unfold.
  2. Starting at your forehead, place the mask on your face, lining up the eye holes and then working downwards, lining up the nose and mouth openings as you go.
  3. Once the mask is on, gently smooth away any creases or air pockets.

When do I use a sheet mask?

Use in the morning, evening or whenever you’ve got a few minutes to give your skin a boost of moisture. Just cleanse your face, tone and then apply a sheet mask. The sheet mask replaces your essence step in your routine, so finish with moisturizer and/or SPF.

How often do I use a sheet mask?

Once or twice a week is a good goal. Although, like everything K-beauty, it’s all about customizing to your skin’s specific needs. We also love the  5-day sheet mask challenge where you sheet mask once a day for five consecutive days.

Ohlolly Sheet Mask 101

Sheet Masking Tips

TIP #1:  Set a timer 

More time does not mean better results. Stick to the recommended treatment time when wearing your mask, typically 10-30 minutes. Leaving your mask on too long can actually cause reverse effects where the mask begins to soak moisture from your skin.

TIP #2:  Tap & Waste Not 

After removing your mask, don’t wash your face. Let your skin soak in every last bit of the skin-beneficial ingredients. Gently tap in any extra essence left on your face, which will help with full absorption. And all that extra essence in the package? Use it! On your neck, elbows, feet -- anywhere that needs some extra hydration!

TIP #3:  Cool it 

Keep your sheet mask stash in the fridge. A nicely chilled sheet mask will not only help cool you down but de-puff your skin when needed.

New & Noteworthy Sheet Masks

23 Years Old Sheet Masks

Why we love it: Made from a heavier fiber that covers lips and under the chin, this mask is like a comforting quilt for your entire face.

Briskin Real Fit Second Skin Mask

Why we love it: The name says it all, this mask is like second skin. It's made from ultra-thin bio cellulose and adheres perfectly to your face.

Kocostar Lip Masks  

Why we love it: Completely transforms dry lips into plump and hydrated lips in just 10 minutes. Plus each adorable package contains 20 lips masks.

Heimish Low PH Hydrating Sheet Mask

Why we love it: Not only does this mask add some serious hydration, it also restores your skin to it’s ideal pH levels.  

Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Mask Pack

Why we love it: When your skin is red and irritated, this is the sheet mask to reach for. The star ingredient, tiger grass, heals skins and decreases inflammation.

Want more? Check our entire sheet mask collection here


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