Skincare Essentials for Your Holiday Plans

Skincare Essentials for Your Holiday Plans

Whether it’s the sudden drop in temps or all those sugar cookies, there are a number of reasons why our skin is more likely to show signs of stress this time of year.

As we gear up for traveling, celebrating – or maybe just that long awaited stretch of R&R – here’s what to keep on hand so your complexion stays merry and bright.

For Your: Travel Essentials

Photo by Tim Stief on Unsplash

Planes, trains and automobiles can take a lot out of our skin. This oil cleanser that you can use twice to double cleanse will gently lift dirt and debris while keeping skin smooth. Follow it with an energizing toner (in travel-ready misting form) and a few drops of this lightweight moisture serum to calm any irritation. Finally, a barrier-protecting moisturizer is a must for winter weather. If your skin is dry, then you’ll love the all-day hydration. If oilier, just dab it on the parts that feel tight.


For Your: At-Home Chill Session


If a staycation is on your calendar this month, fit in some skincare self-care during a Netflix-marathon or while soaking in the bath. Use this clarifying clay mask to unclog deep within pores, or try this detoxifying charcoal pad if you’re a fan of more exfoliation. Layer on several skins of this creamy essence to strengthen the moisture barrier and prevent oxidation, and a final application of this plumping overnight mask will seal everything in. Ahhh.


For Your: Celebratory Holiday Look

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Just because it’s makeup doesn’t mean it can’t also be great for your skin, and year end festivities are the perfect excuse to jazz things up. We love this primer + SPF combo that gives a subtle luminous glow, along with this CCC cream that comes in ten color-matching shades. Go for a clean cat eye paired with some filled-in brows, then add a bold lip color and a final nourishing spritz to set your look for the night.


Image credits: Road Photo by Tim Stief on Unsplash, Bathtub Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash, Confetti Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash