3 Quick At-Home Spa Routines

3 Quick At-Home Spa Routines

While many of us would likely opt for hours to unwind, a great skin day doesn’t require the hours you might think. This is the perfect time of year to prove it, whether you’re squeezing in a few minutes before a holiday brunch or taking half an hour to treat yourself at night, here’s to replenishing your complexion without leaving the house.

If you have: 5 Minutes

The secret to bouncy, dewy, elastic skin? Hydration. This routine makes that simple, coupling an instantly-cooling, nourishing mask with a moisturizing mist that uses over 98% hydrating milk vecht root. A lightweight lotion seals the deal. 

Products used: Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner, Heimish Black Tea Mask, Toun28 Waterful Lotion

If you have: 15 Minutes

It’s quality over quantity with this routine. Using potent ingredients like a brightening, exfoliating toner and balancing facial oil, a few minutes of massage go a long way to relieve tension in the face and puffiness under the skin. 

Products used: d’Alba No Sebum Toner, Solved Jojoba Oil (coming soon!), Urang Rose Ceramide Cream 

If you have: 30 Minutes

A complete routine is a treat in itself. This routine emphasizes each step to let every product work its magic. When in doubt, a properly selected sheet mask can help target a specific concern, so don’t be afraid to work one into a nightly routine!

Products used: Heimish ACB, Neogen Green Tea Cleanser, ma:nyo Our Vegan Heartleaf Cica TonerLapcos Aloe Sheet Mask, iUnik Tea Tree Relief Serum, Celimax Noni Energy Ampoule, d’Alba No Sebum Repair Cream