The Latest in Sustainable K-Beauty: Toun28

The Latest in Sustainable K-Beauty: Toun28

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Sustainability is more than a buzzword. Today, an increasing number of companies are wondering how to do less harm to the planet without sacrificing a great product. This is a primary concern in skincare, where products are meant to be used and replaced regularly. It can be difficult to find K-beauty brands that marry both eco-friendliness with real results, which is why we at Ohlolly are so excited about Toun28.

Developed after CEO Maria Jung, a cosmetics researcher for over 15 years, acquired a chemical allergy after testing products, Toun28 is meant to solve the problems of plastic waste, protection for animals and creating effective natural Korean skincare for human beings.

After all, as Maria says, humans were born out of nature too.

Toun28 Founder Maria Jeong

Together with fellow Toun28 CEO Joon Soo Park, former head of data analysis at LG Electronics, we chat with both Joon and Maria to get the Toun28 story in-depth. Read the interview below, then check out the products now available at Ohlolly.

What does the name Toun28 mean?

TOUN refers to each area of the skin. TOUN28 does not simply classify skin into oily and dry, but we research and prescribe products by classifying the skin into T zone, O zone, U zone and N zone. This is because everyone’s face has very different skin conditions according to those specific areas. Each of the four areas has different skin thicknesses and different conditions. For example, acne might only appear on the forehead or wrinkles around the eyes.

28 is the cycle of skin cells (skin cells are completely renewed every 28 days), and it is the physiological hormone cycle of women and, accordingly, 28 is used symbolically.

Toun28 Moisturizers at Ohlolly

Sustainability is clearly very important to Toun28. In what specific ways do you keep the environment a priority?

It's actually harder than you think to protect the environment with 'action' rather than with just 'words'. First of all, PEOPLE must stand upright. That's why all of our employees feel a responsibility to use steel tumblers, and we take strong measures of fines for any violations.

We also develop containers of products while minimizing plastics, which costs 2-3 times more than plastic containers. Even if some are uncomfortable with paper packages, there’s a growing number of customers that understand these inconveniences, and they are the very force that keeps the sustainability of TOUN28 going strong. We are so appreciative of the many sincere customers, that is, crew, who support the mission and values of TOUN28 as top priority.

Toun28 Zero Waste Skin Care

How do you source your ingredients?

Unlike food, cosmetic ingredients that have already been made into “ingredients’ are often unreliable. We harvest ACTUAL RAW material (raw plants) from the place of origin. These raw materials are directly extracted and converted into ingredients, then manufactured directly by us, TOUN28.

TOUN28 also owns a pesticide-free farm, and the raw plant materials are grown from scratch by our staff. Even if people don't see the use of reliable healthy ingredients from start to finish, we think THIS should be the most fundamental step.

Toun28 Lab

Walk us through an ideal day with your products.

After cleansing your face with a solid facial cleansing bar in the morning, normalize the pH with toner and apply fresh customized lotion. Then, if you block UV rays with organic sunscreen, return home after daily life, and supplement insufficient nutrition with serums as needed, it will be ideal skin care.

Toun28 pH Balancing Toner

What benefits could someone hope to see after using Toun28?

We don't dilute expensive functional ingredients, but instead use them at a clinical concentration percentage. We use precious natural emulsifiers even if the raw material price is 100 times more expensive. Raw materials are 90% of our price, and the container is only 10%.

Think of it like this. When you employ rapid diet changes or chemical treatments looking for a quick effect, there are often side effects and little long-term changes. But if you go slowly with a healthy, balanced diet, then your body will become healthier. Cosmetics work the same way. Shortcuts are never good for your skin.

TOUN28's healthy prescription made with healthy, balanced ingredients creates a slow, but firm, constitutional improvement in the skin. If you want a quick change in an instant, you can use another product. If you want slow but solid, real change, then use TOUN28.

Toun28 Act For Change Repost

Do you have any tips for the consumer who is also looking to be more sustainable and less wasteful in the new year?

“The era when convenience changes the world is over. Now, discomfort changes the world.”

People who enjoy discomfort are now the millennials and the trend leaders. Living with this kind of mindset can make your life a little more enjoyable and eco-friendly. Act for change with TOUN28!

Thanks Toun28 and welcome to Ohlolly! Shop the entire Toun28 collection here, now available.