Why Skincare Makes the Perfect Gift

Why Skincare Makes the Perfect Gift

We all know what a chaotic, fast-paced culture we live in. Few of us rarely make the space for ourselves and when we do, we often feel guilty for spending money or setting aside the time. Gifting solves that problem!

What better way to remind a friend -- or a mother, husband, neighbor, teacher, nanny, even yourself -- to be indulgent, slow-down and take care of themselves than by gifting some thoughtfully-chosen self-care products? Winter is a season when we should unwind, not wind up. Our skin will certainly show our stress.

As you start your holiday shopping this year, look no further than here:

Olivarrier Trio at Ohlolly

For The One Who Keeps Things Simple

These for the friend who never makes a fuss. Her go-tos are simple, effortless and easy to take anywhere and she loves ingredients that deliver results with few additives or harsh chemicals.

Heimish Rose Hydrogel Eye Patches at Ohlolly

For The One Who Loves a Spa

These are for the friend who doesn’t get to the spa as nearly as often as she’d like. Whether a busy mom or on-the-go CEO (or both!), she values targeted solutions with a finer touch and wants her time, especially “Me time,” to be well spent.

Blithe Splash Masks at Ohlolly

For The One Who Wants a Change

These are for the friend who’s spent the year on autopilot and currently on the hunt for something new. Maybe she’s noticed a change in her skin or wants that “do it all” miracle product. Start here.

Sioris Night Cream at Ohlolly

For The One Who’ll Try Anything

These for the friend who’s always up for the wild card. She’s got dry brushes and skin scrubs a-plenty. The rarer the better, the weirder the more interesting, and she’ll never say no to experience an out-of-the-box way to healthier skin.

Ready to get gifting? Happy shopping! And don't forget, we're always here if you have questions or need specific advice. Email us at hello@ohlolly.com.

Featured Image by @lilyglass and @wilmarose