This is Why Everyone Loves Clean-Beauty Brand Urang

This is Why Everyone Loves Clean-Beauty Brand Urang

It’s no secret that here at Ohlolly we adore Urang. Multitasking, effective, safe and beautiful, Urang is truly the whole package. When we first began testing Urang back in August 2017, it was instantaneously love, and the whole Ohlolly team of diverse skin types quickly found their favorites. Since then, Urang has introduced more obsession-worthy products, including this Pink Everlasting Ampoule, Clarifying Blue Mask, plus a perfect little Travel Kit. And...there will be even more Urang products currently in the works so keep your eyes peeled!

Jina Lee Urang Founder

Urang was founded by Jina Lee, a mother and holistic aromatherapist, whose desire to create a clean K-beauty line stemmed from her family. (Read more about Lee’s inspiring startup journey here.) Jina Lee’s commitment to creating truly natural products and sourcing only the highest-quality ingredients impressed us from the beginning and keeps on impressing. We are so honored that Jina Lee has trusted us with representing her gorgeous line of skincare AND that our customers have also fallen in love with these products. Want to add Urang into your routine? Read on to learn more about a few of Urang’s best-selling and fan-favorite products.

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Ohlolly Urang Natural Cleansing Oil

If you’re searching for a first-step cleanser, we can’t recommend Urang’s Natural Cleansing Oil enough. A fantastic blend of skin-clarifying and nourishing seed oils effortlessly lifts away makeup and sunscreen, leaving skin perfectly cleaned and silky smooth.

What Ohlolly Customers Say:

Maria L. //  Cannot believe how clean my skin feels when I use this. It is so gentle but actually removes all the dirt/gunk from my face without drying me out. This is perfection in a bottle!

Tan  // New love. This is so good. I love using my All Clean Balm (Heimeish) but now I'm not sure which I love more. I love that this is a rich oil but washes clean. I love the scent, fresh and not artificial. Urang is a great brand.

Ohlolly Urang Oil Serums

Next, try one of Urang’s three wonder-working serums. Hydrating, anti-aging and so versatile, these oils serums are a perfect addition to your routine. Check out our Instagram stories to see them in action and to find your perfect serum.

What Ohlolly Customers Say:

Vitamin Oil Serum

Lisa M. // Out of all of the Urang products I got, this is my favorite. I don't know how I lived without this. I alternate using this and Glow Oil Serum at nights. In the morning, I would use the Vitamin Oil Serum right after toning with Urang's Rose Mist, and then go straight to a moisturizing sunscreen. And the scent! It's heavenly. Highly, highly recommend. I can't wait to try their new Blue Oil Serum. I'm hooked on this brand.

Brightening Blue Oil Serum

Customer // I’d bath in it. Ok, I’m a huuuge facial oil lover and I’m rarely impressed. I like most oils, but I don’t love them, ya know? I was talked into this one and opted for the smaller size just in case it was bleh. I fell in love! It’s on the thicker side but absorbs like a dream and smells amazing!

Glow Oil Serum

Dorothy // Amazing. I am in love with this oil. I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts and this has made my skin texture so much smoother and calmer. Also just the right addition of added moisture in this dry dry weather.

If you’ve haven’t added the skin-benefiting powers of rose into your skincare routine, now is the perfect time. Organic rose water and rose essential oil are star ingredients of these two Urang products -- the Rose Ceramide Cream and the True Rose Repair Essence. Psst: These two products work wonders together! Buy them as a Rose Duo and save even more.

What Customers Say:

Urang Rose Ceramide Cream

Julia // My favorite moisturizer. Honestly, I am obsessed with Urang. I have dry, sensitive acne prone skin, and this is my go to moisturizer. It doesn't clog my pores or break me out, but it leaves my skin soft and plumped. I couldn't ask for a better product.

Faith H // So incredibly moisturizing. This stuff is amazing. So hydrating. In combo with the Blue Urang Oil makes it a moisturizing powerhouse. Happy with my purchase!

True Rose Repair Essence

Cindy // New Favorite! I already love Urang's Rose Ceramide Cream so I was hesitant to purchase this essence because I wasn't sure I needed something so similar. However, now I really can't imagine my routine without it! I use the Rose Ceramide Cream at night, and I use this True Rose Repair Essence in the morning. It actually makes me look forward to getting ready! I have very sensitive, acne-prone oily skin and I've been using it daily for almost 2 months without any issues!

Kim // I love this essence. It is so wonderful. I love how sage Urang products are and still extremely effective. I love that you can put it on the eye area (not into your eyes :)) based on suggestion of Urang I mix this Essense with 2 drops of the serum to save time and the result is so lovelyyyyy. Urang is my favourite brand.

Ohlolly Urang Tower

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