Your Top K-Beauty Questions Answered

K-beauty Q&ALet's refresh. K-beauty can seem like a world of its own, but really it's just about reading your skin, understanding what it needs, and which products to use when. Below, we're answering the top questions we get about K-beauty to help you simplify this process.

How is K-beauty different from other skincare?

K-beauty stems from the belief that outward beauty comes from inner radiance. So when skin glows, it's a sign of good health. Dewy (“gwang”) skin is often the goal with any routine. Dewy skin looks deeply hydrated and glossy, as opposed to matte.

What's so important about double cleansing?

Double Cleansing at OhlollyYou don't have to double cleanse twice a day, but it's imperative at night to ensure nothing pore-clogging or irritating is left on your skin while you sleep. Start with an oil-based cleanser to melt away makeup and sunscreen. Follow with a water-based cleanser to pick up any leftover residue. This completes your double cleansing!

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Why are there so many steps

A K-beauty routine is all about prepping the skin to best absorb the nutrients in whatever products you use. There is no "magic" number of steps. A solid routine is based on what your skin needs, usually based on hydration. In between cleansing and cream, layering on toner, essence and any treatments (usually from lightest to heaviest) helps the skin stay hydrated throughout the day and for any potent ingredients to sink as deep as possible within the skin.

Ohlolly Blog How to Layer Skincare

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Which skin type am I?

Does your skin feel tight immediately after cleansing and lack moisture throughout the day? You're probably a dry-skin type. Do you deal with constant shine or excess oil? Then you're probably an oily skin type. If you have some dry patches along with an oily T-zone, you're probably a combination skin type. And if your skin feels tight beneath the surface but still looks shiny, you could have dehydrated oily skin.

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How do I decide on a treatment?

Treatments at OhlollyTreatments are the hallmark of K-beauty. Once you've determined your skin type and narrowed down a specific issue you want to address, fit a treatment anywhere in your routine. (Here is a helpful quiz to make things easy.)

If you're dealing with chronic dehydration, try layering a lightweight essence-moisturizer hybrid. Want to fade dark spots or hyperpigmentation? Go for a potent Vitamin C serum. Looking to boost collagen and repair? A dewy ampoule can be a great blend of the two. And don't shy away from oils, which help to seal in moisture and can be used as the very last step of your routine.

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Do I really need to wear SPF every day?

SPF at OhlollySPF is one of the best ways to prevent signs of aging since it's a cumulative effect of UV damage that leads to fine lines, age spots, rough patches and a loss of elasticity. UV damage can still occur when it's cloudy out, so choosing an SPF that feels like a moisturizer, acts like a primer, or doesn't leave a white cast can help sunscreen serve as a regular part of your routine versus something you only use at the pool.

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