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Exfoliate Like A Pro

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The purpose of exfoliation is to remove uneven and old dead skin cells on your skin’s surface. Rather than just deep cleaning your skin, exfoliation restores your skin’s outermost barrier layer.

Just how does proper exfoliation improve my skin?

When dead skin cells pile up, your skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes, resulting in dry, cracked skin that allows for external bacteria to easily penetrate.  A peeling session at a dermatologist’s office improves skin’s moisture and relieves acne. You can also obtain similar effects with the proper use of peeling gels at home.

How often?

Proper daily cleaning is the foundation of good skincare.  When you feel that your skin is looking dull, rough, and dry, it’s important to use exfoliators regularly to normalize your skin’s turnover cycle for fresh and healthy skin. If you have dry skin, exfoliate once every 1 to 2 weeks when you feel that the buildup of dead skin cells is causing rough skin. If you have oily skin, exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a pore-cleansing exfoliator.  After exfoliation it’s important to supply your skin with adequate moisture by immediately using skin mist or a sheet mask.

What do I look for in a good exfoliator?

I recommend gommage* exfoliators containing soluble granules for their gentle exfoliation and moisturizing effects. In particular, peeling gels with a cellulose component will gently remove dead skin cells and even those with sensitive skin can use it without significant irritation.

*Gommage, meaning “to erase” in French, refers to the sloughing-off of dead skin by way of applying an enzyme-rich gel and massaging it into the face. What happens next is beauty magic at its best—the product will roll up into small balls, taking your dead skin along with it.

What makes Dr. G’s Brightening Peeling Gel different?

1. Exfoliation for Healthy Skin Barrier: It gently removes only the uneven, old dead skin cells, leaving the healthy skin barrier to protect the skin underneath.

2. Gentle Peeling: It’s made with natural cellulose, which is rich with moisture, to gently remove dead skin cells without irritation; even those with sensitive skin can use it.

3. Brightening Peeling: Peeling Gel contains vitamin C and E for skin brightening effects that provide vitality to the skin and aid in cultivating clear skin.

4. Moisturizing Peeling: Other natural ingredients including honey, trehalose and hollyhock boost moisture for smooth and supple skin after exfoliation.

5. Convenient and Fast Peeling: Can be conveniently used on wet skin right after cleansing routine; sufficient exfoliation is achieved in 30 seconds to 1 minute.


  By Gun Young Ahn, M.D. / CEO of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics Co Ltd.