Ohlolly: Korean Skincare [Huxley & Mizon]

Ohlolly: Korean Skincare [Huxley & Mizon]

Huxley Cleansing Duo Cece Lam for OhlollyFrom having many years of acne, I've tried all types of commercialized skincare that completely dried my face out and left deep sad scars, making it hard for me to recover. With all the Youtube videos on cleansing and healing, the ones that always intrigued me were Korean skincare. I can't believe it took me over fifteen years to finally give its cleansing method a shot! – Cece Lam

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Cece Lam

Meet Cece, a content creator for fashion, beauty and events, located in Los Angeles. She was born in Hong Kong and raised on the East Coast. Check out her lovely site.

Recently, we had the pleasure of introducing Cece to some of our new and old favorite cleansing must-haves; Gentle Cleansing Duo by Huxley and Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel by Mizon.

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Huxley Cleansing Duo
"I'm usually not one to be blown away by a fancy box but as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I was hooked. Peeling back the sticker to gently lift the top (oh how I love beautiful things!), I feel just how smooth the bottles are."

"Only taking about a minute to use, I rub pea-size amount all over my face and the product quickly dissolves and peels away dead skin every corner."

Photos & review by Cece Lam, connect with her on Instagram & Facebook.