Best Spring Glow - Ohlolly Picks

Best Spring Glow - Ohlolly Picks

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We carefully curate all our products at Ohlolly, so we think all our cleansers and exfoliators are pretty amazing, but we’re also allowed some personal favorites. Read on to learn more about our current picks for achieving your best spring glow.

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Spring is officially here, it’s the perfect time to spring clean your skin. Winter weather can leave your skin rough and dry, but daily cleansing, along with weekly exfoliating, are the first crucial steps to radiant skin. Properly cleansed skin gives you a clean canvas for all the following steps. (Learn more about exfoliating like a pro here.) We carefully curate all our products at Ohlolly, so we think all our cleansers and exfoliators are pretty amazing, but we’re also allowed some personal favorites. Read on to learn more about our current picks for achieving your best spring glow.


CosRx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar

Everyone needs a consistent cleanser and CosRx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar is my personal pick. I leave this cleansing bar in the shower and use it every morning. Unlike some bar cleansers, CosRx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar develops a generous lather that leaves my skin feeling super clean and smooth. The main ingredient is natural palm kernel acid, which rids your skin of deep-seated dirt while restoring natural oils. This cleaning bar also contains tiny pieces of willow bark extract that gently exfoliate, and BHA to help prevent acne. I’ve been using this bar daily for two months and it’s a great cleanser for my skin type (normal to oily) and skin preference (squeaky clean, please). Plus, this bar lasts forever. A couple massages create more than enough lather for my entire face.


Goodal Phytowash Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam

If you prefer a foaming cleanser over a bar cleanser, but still want that ultra-clean feeling, I highly recommend Goodal’s Phytowash Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam. This cleanser begins as a gel, similar to shampoo, but quickly forms a silky, luxurious foam when massaged onto your skin. Yerba mate is nicknamed “God’s drink” because of its rejuvenation qualities. This plant is naturally caffeinated, so it gives a burst of energy to dull skin. In addition, this cleanser is packed with natural ingredients, like brazil nut seed oil, to add moisture. I love pairing this cleanser with Goodal’s Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling–a winning combination for clean and clear skin.


Goodal Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling

Goodal’s Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling is an all-time favorite exfoliator at Ohlolly, working wonders for all skin types, from oily to dry. The key to this exfoliator is waiting for the foam to appear. This exfoliator begins as a creamy serum, but after about 15-20 seconds of gentle exfoliating, the serum transforms into a bubble foam, similar to shaving cream. This bubbling foam seeps deep into your pores, gently removing impurities. Like the cleansing foam, this exfoliator is infused with yerba mate to leave skin hydrated and rejuvenated. I have oily skin and use this exfoliator 2-3 times a weeks. Since using, my skin is noticeable brighter and clearer. For dry/normal skin types, the recommended use is 1-2 times a week.


Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water

Dr. Jart+’s Dermaclear Micro Water is the Swiss-army knife of cleansers. Not only does it cleanse but it tones, brightens AND removes makeup. At Ohlolly we’ve nicknamed it miracle water. After a long day, when I can barely brush my teeth before bed, and can’t even imagine attempting a full skincare routine, this is what I reach for. Just squirt some on a cotton pad and wipe. This Micro Water effectively removes all my makeup while gently cleansing my skin. You don’t even need to rinse. In the mornings, I often use this as my toner. Dr. Jart+’s Dermaclear Micro Water is made with 90% natural ingredients, so it’s extremely gentle and safe for all skin types.


Kicho Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser

Kicho is one of our favorite brands at Ohlolly and that’s because Kicho creates beautiful, natural products, like this Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser is packed full of nutrients, like grapefruit, willow bark, celery, rice, and tomato extract to deliver a dose of healthy hydration to your skin. This foaming cleanser actually begins as a foam. Just pump a couple times and then gently massage onto your face. With a light, fresh scent and ultra-gentle formula, this foaming cleanser is a perfect everyday cleanser, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. In fact, Kicho’s Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser is so gentle, it’s safe to use on babies.


Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

When my skin feels the need for an ultra-deep clean, Elizavecca has the answer with their Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy packaging, this product is serious about cleansing. This mask is formulated with charcoal powder, that penetrates and cleans your pores, and white clay, that tightens and tones. The texture of the mask is difficult to describe--thick, sticky and almost paint-like. Using the including applicator put the mask onto your face and then wait. The key to effectiveness is in the waiting. After a few minutes the carbonated bubbles begin to appear and form a frothy mask. At this point, I can actually feel the bubbles cleansing my skin. Next gently massage your skin for a couple minutes and then rinse. Elizavecca’s Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is a fun and effective way to achieve a deep cleanse.

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Review by Kait / Editor & Producer