Review: Bellonera EE Cream & BB Cushion

Review: Bellonera EE Cream & BB Cushion

Ohlolly Bellonera EE BB Title

Review: Bellonera EE Cream & Air BB Cream / Or how I’m faking a restful glow on little sleep

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Ohlolly Bellonera EE BB Title

Or how I’m faking a restful glow on little sleep

I am tired. Not just a little tired, but bone-tired. You know the kind, where strangers in the supermarket say you look tired. Blame it on too many colds combined with too little sleep, but it’s been a long winter and the effects are showing up on my skin. It’s different than my normal skin annoyances of breakouts and dry patches. Actually my skin is quite balanced right now, but it’s dull, pallid and lackluster in appearance. And while I’m firm believer in the benefits of good exfoliation and a great K-beauty sheet mask, sometimes your skin needs a bit more help. Here to the rescue, two of Ohlolly’s newest makeup must-haves: The First EE Cream and The First Air BB Cream Cushion both by Bellonera. Bellonera is a brand new Korean beauty company that creates truly multifunctional cosmetics with the goal of enhancing your individual beauty.

The First EE Cream With Angel's Lip Tint

Ohlolly Bellonera EE Creams

Another double-lettered cream? Yep that was my initial reaction too, but this cream really does stand up to its predecessors by offering multiple skin-benefiting perks in one easy formula. First and foremost Bellonera The First EE, or easy equalizing, cream works as an amazing makeup base. The natural shade helps even skin tone while covering enlarged pores. Sunflower seed and argan oil add serious moisture, while alpine herb and niacinamide give skin a boost of brightness. Plus this cream offers perfect sun protection of SPF 50+ PA+++. And if that wasn’t enough, hidden inside the cap is a lip tint which doubles as a creamy blusher.

The First Air BB Cream Cushion

Ohlolly Bellonera BB Cushion

Bellonera's First Air BB Cream Cushion combines everything you love about cushion compacts--like natural, long-lasting, buildable coverage--with brilliant skin benefits. As we all know, Korean beauty take sun protection extra seriously. And just as the EE cream, the First Air BB Cream Cushion compact provides powerful broad spectrum SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect skin against harmful UV rays. Plus, this BB is infused with botanical extracts, including lavender, peppermint and lemon balm, to help control sebum and soothe skin. It is completely travel-friendly for easy touchups and comes in two natural beige shades.

Ohlolly Bellonera EE Before

As the last step in my current skincare routine I’m doubling Bellonera's EE Cream as my sunscreen and makeup primer. (Psst: you can watch my whole morning and evening routine here.) 

Ohlolly Bellonera EE Action

The EE cream has a very light, but natural tint. The color quickly absorbs into my skin--it doesn’t offer coverage, but it does visibly enhance my complexion, making it brighter and dewy. Some might find this cream to be too dewy, but I’ve discovered that this EE cream pairs beautifully under the BB cushion. These two products work stunningly together and give my skin the perfect glow that I want.

Ohlolly Bellonera BB Cushion

Bellonera's First Air BB Cream Cushion comes in two shades--Light and Natural. I’m using Light which is close to traditional color #21 where Natural is close to color #23. I love how cushion compacts allow for buildable coverage, which is perfect for makeup novices like me. It’s simple to use--just press on the compact and then pat on your face. The color blends so easily into my skin while providing amazing coverage that feels air-light and completely natural.

Ohlolly Bellonera Heimish Cushion Off

Bellonera’s BB compact is the second cushion compact I own. I also own the Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion, which is another winner. The main difference between these two cushions is the undertone colors and finish. Bellonera has a warmer undertone whereas the Heimish has a slightly cooler, pink undertone. Bellonera gives my skin a dose of healthy, yet natural-looking color, whereas the Heimish really brightens my skin. The finish is also slightly different with the Heimish being more glowy and the Bellonera being more matte and velvety.

Ohlolly Bellonera EE Tint

After applying the BB cream, I use the Angel’s Lip Tint on the EE Cream. The tint comes in two vibrant colors, Lovely Coral and Sunset Orange. I’m using Sunset Orange, which actually has a more coral color whereas the Lovely Coral is more red. I love the idea of having lip color inside the cap--so unique and so handy!--but assumed the quality would be so-so. I was wrong. The color is surprisingly long-lasting, the texture very smooth, and the formula ultra-moisturizing. Just like the BB cushion, the color is really buildable. I dot some on my lips and cheeks then just blend with my finger. I love that I can use one product for both lips and cheeks, plus it’s such a quick way to give my tired morning skin a flush of color.

Spring is just a few weeks away and I’m fantasizing about a spring break, preferably a lazy beach town where I can stock up on some needed rest. But until then, I’m faking it with Bellonera to give my skin a healthy dose of color and radiance. You should definitely join me.

The Bellonera BB Cushion in Natural is perfect for those with medium skin tones.

Ohlolly Bellonera EE and BB in Natural shade

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