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Get Glowing Holiday Skincare Routine ft. Ohlolly

Ohlolly Korean Beauty The Beauty Vein Skincare Routine

Let’s face it, once Thanksgiving passes here in the U.S., and December gets rolling, things get seriously hectic. The craziness leads to making poor eating choices, not hydrating our bodies enough, and neglecting our skin. Not to mention when you don’t eat right and hydrate your body, all that neglect shows up on your skin. I’ve partnered with Ohlolly, one of my most favorite online k-beauty shops, to come up with this Get Glowing Holiday Skincare Routine to keep your skin glowing and in tip-top shape during the chaotic weeks to come.

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4 Bright K-Beauty Tips for Your Best Winter Glow Ever

Ohlolly 4 Bright K-Beauty Tips for Your Best Winter Glow Ever

Winter is just around the corner, and whether you love or loathe the chilly weather, one thing is certain--during the cooler months your skin needs a little extra love. Biting winds, indoor heaters, and low humidity are all moisture-stealing culprits that can leave your skin dry and flaky. But here at Ohlolly we’ve banished dull winter skin as a thing of the past. Yep, luminous winter skin is possible, with these bright tips and some amazing Korean skincare products to boost your hydration. Say hello to your best winter glow ever. Dull skin be gone.

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A K-beauty enthusiast discovers her new favorite brand

Ohlolly Fall Korean Skincare Routine Benton 2

"From watching YouTube K-beauty vloggers to reading skincare sites, I continuously scour the web for affordable skincare with fast shipping. This led me to stumble upon Ohlolly. I love how Ohlolly has a sincere philosophy in curating brands and products on their website."

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Q & A - Kind of Stephen - Nuf said

Ohlolly QA Stephen Alain Ko 1

Recently we caught up with Stephen to learn more about the luminous world of skincare science, nabbing beauty tips and secrets along the way. Oh and, did we mention he has amazing skin? Enough said. Read on!

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